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    I am wondering if anyone, has used the photographer from the resort, and do you have any pictures you can share. Also did you do the DVD or VCR? Please share I am running out of time. 9/22/09 wedding Thanks, Vikki

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    I used the resort photographer about ten days ago. FIrst off if photos are VERY VERY important to you then hire your own. I am happy with the quality of our photos and with this being our second wedding photos were not the number one issue for us. We will pick a few out to display and pack the rest away. I was not happy with how rushed the resort photographer was. I felt like she was sitting there looking at her watch waiting for us to get done with our cake and champane so she could get started. We got married at 3:00 and at 3:50 she turned to look at the cat crusie and said oh my I need to get on that boat to take photos!!! Then off she went. The picking out of the photos was also terrible. You have to sit and ask the employer from the resort to go to the next photo then go back one or two go forward three ect ect... You cant just take control and scroll through them yourself. I asked her and she said no. They are all mixed up in order so you start picking ones you want and then have to ask yourself gee did we already pick one of the cutting of the caek?? Wait go back!! UGH this was a pain. Like I said my photos look very nice and I am happy with them in general but if you use the resort photographer ask how tight they have him or her booked?? We also had a guest follow her around and take photos with our own camera so we had almost all the same photos she took but only purchased the minnium package. You can view my photos under weddings, then go to our wedding then go to july 11th csa wedding.

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    Monica and I used the resort photographer at CSA and were very satisfied. The DVD of our wedding was great. We watch it every time we get homesick for Jamaica. Here's one of our favorites.

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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