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    Default Airline ticket prices

    I remember reading messages on the old message board that gave a couple of great websites for monitoring flight prices. Unfortunately, I can't find that post; can anyone remember what those sites were?

    Karen & Paul

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    Personally I like to use either of these websites for tracking airfare.

    Only thriteen more months till the sand and sun of CSA !

    Jason and Amanda

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    They don't automatically monitor prices and send an e-mail, but I like to search on and then book directly through the airline's site. This site will compare all of the major airlines and uses pricing that includes taxes and fees. You can also search for a range of dates (if your travel dates are flexible) to see how prices are fluctuating, see what day of the week is cheaper. I also like their "graphic" representation of possible flights that can be sorted by arrival time, duration, price, etc. I just wish the prices wouldn't keep
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    We site service "Yapta" it tracks and sends you an email. It also tracks after the purchase to see if you can get a refund.

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    I remember a story from a little while ago on NPR that dealt with airfares. I believe this is the correct link:

    You can either listen to the audio or check out the comments if you want some more options for buying/checking fares.

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    Click on "Search Airfares Using QPX." Definitely use the "month long search" option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce View Post

    Click on "Search Airfares Using QPX." Definitely use the "month long search" option.
    Nice one. Thanks for the link dude!

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    Thanks for the information everyone! We already have this years trip booked to CSS in November, and because I delayed making the reservation, missed out on a great price offered by Continental (~$350 each) earlier this year. To get the flights we wanted, we ended up paying twice that amount.

    Now we're planning (hopefully) on visiting CSA for the Reggae Marathon in December 2010, and this time, I don't want to miss any price deals. Once the flights for that time period are posted, I definitely want to take advantage of the best price.

    Karen & Paul

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