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    We're getting married at CSA on New Year's Eve at noon and I was wondering what the party is like that evening?? Has anyone been to a Couples resort during the week between Christmas and New Year's ? Are all of the activities still the same? I'm trying to plan which day we can enjoy the catamaran cruise.... any previous stories would be greatly appreciated!!

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    We were at CSA last New Years Eve and the party was simply AMAZING. From the cocktail party, outstanding food/buffet, ice sculptures and entertainment/dancing it is one New Years we will never forget. We saw people in all sorts of attire, from Tux's and long dresses, Scottish kilts to jean shorts---yep some thought that that was appropriate for a New Years Eve party---oh well, to each their own. You will enjoy it, we won't make it this year as we are going to try an April trip back home. No worries

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    My husband and I will be at CSS the week between Christmas and New Years. Does anyone have any info on the party at CSS?

    Thanks for any responses!


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    We have spent the last 8 years at CN for New years. We always go a few days after Xmas and leave after the new year some time.

    The activities up to New Years eve are all the same. New years Eve is a little slow during the day as everyone of the employees are working on preperations, and then New years day is slow as far as activities as everyone is recovering.

    as for the new years celebration, for a wedding reception, you couldnt ask for more, figure you will have 700 people or so at your wedding reception, with great food and drinks and entertainment that is unbelievable.


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    We are also hoping to be at CSS for New Years Eve, since it falls on a Friday this year we're wondering how much better the Friday Night Gala could possibly be!

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    We will be at CSA for New Years Eve. They told us the they have big plans this year. We just left the resort 2 weeks ago and going right back - Can't wait!

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