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    Another beautiful morning in paradise!

    Reacquainted with other many-time repeaters last night, had some great snapper 'Encroute', and enjoyed the show in the Cassava terrace.

    Shout-out this morning to the grounds-keeping staff - these are wonderful employees. The beach in front of our loungers was raked three times during the day yesterday in an effort to keep the seaweed clear - all done with a smile and a cheerful greeting.

    Come on down!

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    Sounds lovely! And yes, the groundskeepers are amazing!!! I loved talking with them in the morning, sitting on my patio drinking coffee and eating banana bread. Thanks for the update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stretch View Post
    . . . . Come on down!
    We'll be there Friday!
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    We are all envious!

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