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    Default anyone ever booked secret rendezvous?

    for those of you that have booked secret rendezvous can you tell you which property you have gotten and how your experience with this was. thanks so much!

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    Just found out we are going to CTI next Friday, will lanswer the rest when we get back.

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    Soxfan, can you tell us about your SR experience? Were you able to upgrade?

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    We were given a garden view room upon arrival and asked for an upgrade, they didn't have one but told us to check back the next day (Saturday. They were able to move us to an oceanview for the next 7 nights which has much nicer view. CTI was great, staff was fantastic but we wont do SR again, missed the beach at CSA.

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    Soxfan, how much was it for the upgrade? That much of a difference of the beaches? Which room do you get at CSA?

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