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    Flying out of Atlanta on Aug. 20 for CSA, staying until Aug 29. This is our 4th trip to CSA. I can't imagine going anywhere else in Jamicia. We both love the resort and the people. We do not leave the resort except to snorkel and to take the famous boat ride. We have talked so much about CSA that our daughter that is getting married in Sept., will be taking their honeymoon at CSA. I think that CSA it the most wonderful place to be at. How I wish I were there now.

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    Me Too!

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    We will be flying out of Orlando the same day only we are headed to CN for 8 glorious days. I can not wait.

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    Default CSA Aug 20

    Just think we are all 1 day closer to our paradise!! Can't wait! Not many more days to work or think about what needs to be done. And I am not getting on the treadmill while I am at CSA. I am not going to excerise while I am there. I am going to eat and "drink" the wonderful liquid that flows freely. Oh I just can't wait!!

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    We are headed to CSA aug 25- sept 2 for our honeymoon. I love hearing that people are going back again and again- it makes me even more excited (it has to be great to have people return so many times, right??)

    We're pretty busy people.. we love to keep going so we'd love to go on a few excursions with other couples. Any suggestions? The ziplines and ricks sound awesome but we have NO idea how to go about signing up for these.

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    Lovinlagers, love your name by the way!Check with the photo/excusion desk in the great house and they can tell you all about the excursions and book them for you, or call taxis too.They are wonderfull.

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    We are headed for CSA on August 18, and will be there until the 30th. This is out 5th trip to Jamaica! We are so excitied about our return! We went tubing last year, and it was a blast!
    Pat & Fred, New Jersey

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    What week will your daughter be at CSA? We will be there from the 12-19 She should get on the September Hurricane Hunters "meet up" board, and we have a facebook page as well which is listed on the board.

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