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    Default Nov. 27 - Dec. 5 (Reggae Marathon)

    Just wanted to see who's all going this week

    I know there are November and December threads but we'll be there both months.

    Looking forward to returning home again for the 4th time!

    Steve and Meghan

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    We will be there Nov. 28th thru Dec. 5th. It will be our second trip to CN. We were there in April this year and can't wait to return. We are from Chicago.

    Sue & Mark

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    Hi we arrive CN Nov 23rd, staying til Dec 7th. We are coming with another couple but always happy to meet new people and chat. Look forward to seeing you there. It is our 2nd trip our friends 4th. We're from England.

    Julie & Colin

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    We'll be there. already knew that!

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