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    Default CSA Room selection

    My wife and I are trying to decide between CSA and CN... I think we are leaning towards CSA.. If so we ahve looked at the Great house jacuzzi suites, Beachfront Verandah Suite and last, the Beachfront suites... I am sure they are all 3 nice.. But we wanted a little bit of insight from previous guest on the pro's and con's of each..

    If anyone has a good reason for us to consider CSA or CN, pleasae let us know, we would love to hear comments and suggestions...

    thanks to all
    Kerry and Laura

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    Iíll preface this with saying that of those three categories, Iíve only stayed in the Beachfront Suite (BFS). However, I have stayed in Ocean Verandah and Garden Verandah, so am familiar with that room layout. A Beachfron Verandah Suite (BFVS) is the same room, just closer to the beach.

    IMHO, I would take the BFVS. For me, the BFS are too risky in that you may get one of the big wraparound porch ones toward the center of the property, or you may get a smaller one with no view over by the Palms (read: loud). They donít have glass on the windows, so if youíre sensitive to noise when sleeping, they could be a problem. It was for me. With that said, with the shutters open, no glass allows for a nice open feel and a nice breeze. It all depends on what is more important to you. The Verandah suites have the glass over the windows. T

    The Verandahs themselves are smaller than the older, BFS rooms, but they are still very roomy and larger than you will see at other resorts. These rooms have great views (though perhaps the 3rd floor may be partially obstructed by palm trees??? Someone who has stayed in one would need to speak to that.). The BFVS will have a bathtub, where the BFS will have a shower (a large one thoughÖitís quite nice).

    The BFVS are all the same too. There wonít be a surprise waiting for you in terms of what room layout youíll get. Iím the type that likes that certainty. For me, that, and the glass on the windows and the view would get me to do BFVS.

    Re: the Great House Jacuzzi Suite. Never been in it. Iíve heard only wonderful things about it though. The only thing that would stop me from booking it would be that itís in the Great House, which has a more hotel-like feel to it with the doors opening to a hallway instead of the outdoors. Again, this is totally personal preference, and really, relatively minor. But thatís the only input I can give on that room since Iím so unfamiliar with it.

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    My wife and I stayed at CSA last March and absolutly loved it. The way the resort is laid out is really great, you can walk the beach in full sun,or wind your way along the path just inside the trees on the beach or go a bit farther back and stroll thru the palms and gardens, very romantic in the evening. Also ,even at full capacity CSA does not feel crowded..
    Can't help you much with room ?'s as we stayed in an Atrium suite, but I will say it was excellent, you could hear the surf and the tree frogs sing you to sleep .. Enjoy Paradise..

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    We have stayed in the BFVS, BFS, and Garden View Atruim suite. Out of the 2, the garden view was our favorite. We love to be right on the beach but you have no privacy. We loved the BFS as we had one that had a huge wrap around porch but everyone wanted to come see our room and were constantly asking if they could look inside. The GVAS was so private. We were right at the road and I was worried about car noise but only noticed the 1st day and then no more. You won't get a bad room there. I have heard that the great house suites you get alot of noise from downstairs. I would not like that.

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