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    I have read in a few posts and seen a couple of pictures that people have had some small animals such as lizards, tree frogs, etc. get into thier rooms. I have a GREAT fear of things like that! Is this something I need to worry about? We are staying at CSA in Novemeber of 2011... Will a mosquito net on the patio door be the best thing? Or are these instances few and far between?

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    We recently stayed at CSA in a second floor Atrium room. We saw numerous lizards on the patio and heard a bazillion frogs at night, but not a single creature made it into the room. Actually, it sounded like two bazillion frogs .

    I don't think you have anything to worry about - relax and enjoy your trip. I am sure you will love it!

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    More than likely you will have the AC on so your room will be closed up. In 7 trips to Jamaica (5 @ Couples) we have never had a problem with bugs or any other little critters in our room. We have always gone in Feb, March or April if that matters. We have stayed in Ocho, Runaway Bay & Negril on these trips and the only critters we saw were outside on the beautiful grounds.
    No Problem Mon!!

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    There are tiny lizards & tiny tree frogs & tiny sand crabs all over .... We have had the lizards in our room .... The doors are open when they are cleaning, etc whether you leave them open or not so it is not uncommon for them to turn up hanging on your wall in the room. I'm always surprised when we get home & haven't had any little stow aways in our luggage ..... my cats would love it if we brought them back a lizard to play with. No need to be afraid of these things ... they are more scared of you then you are of them.

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    All the windows are fine mesh screen covered. We had an Atrium Suite and did see some Anole lizards on the trees and once one came up the wall of the balconey, but nothing to be afraid of as they are about as long as a dollar bill and if you get within several feet of them they scoot away. We liked having them around cause they eat bugs, everyone they eat is one less to bother us.. Nothing actually came into our room..

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    My friends had a small lizard in their room. We had fun trying to catch him. The frogs and lizards are harmless and they rarely get into the rooms. Most would only enter if you left something open. This was at CN. CSA is right down the road and I am not sure how their rooms are laid out. I would think this could be an issue at any resort in the area.

    No worries!

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    Last February we were in a ground floor Atrium unit and inherited a couple of cats that reside at CSA. During the day time they stayed curled up on the patio couch. I think their job was to keep creatures from coming into our room, because we never, ever had a problem with unwanted visitors. You may notice a few tropical insects such as ants in the room...but this is part of being in the tropics. They don't bite like the fire ants we have here at home. I guess you could ask management to spray for them, but since they did not bother anything we decided to live and let live.

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    We only saw cute little lizards out on the verandah. We never saw anything in the room. We did see a crab by our building. You are going to love CSA.

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    In five trips to Couples, I have never seen any lizards in our room. I certainly have seen them around the resort grounds, and it is possible one could sneak into your room. It is the tropics. Many of my relatives are deathly afraid of little critters. I do not, but I understand where you are coming from. Please try not to worry about it. The reality is that a very small lizard may end up in your room, but it is highly unlikely. It is a chance you have to take if you want to vacation in the tropics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxernie View Post
    There are tiny lizards & tiny tree frogs & tiny sand crabs all over .... We have had the lizards in our room ....
    Okay, I will ask it:

    Were you able to save 15% or more on your car insurance?

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    We had a a lizard in our room at CSA. He became our little buddy and we named him. We didn't mind it at all. They are harmless.

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    We have visited a couple of different islands within the Caribbean and lizards are part of the charm of the whole area. They will appear on your patio / balcony and maybe also in your bedroom. They won't harm you and they do help to keep the bugs at bay. We were in St Lucia last year and one crawled up my leg when I wasn't aware it was there, made me jump and left me almost touching cloth, as we say in the UK, (lol)

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    OMG! That scares the crap out of me... This is all I can think about now! I don't want to cancel my wedding because of lizards, but I have such anxiety about them! I understand they will be outside, but I will have trouble sleeping at night if they can get into the room... UGH! Especially if they crawl on you! OMG OMG! EWWWWW!

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    I had a fox in my room!

    Disclaimer: If you are too young to be familiar with slang terms from the 1970's, look it up before you freak out. (

    If you are and still going to Couples, and too old to be familiar with slang terms from the 1970's Good for you!

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    I know it sounds cliche, but they are much more scared of you than you are of them. This never EVER makes me feel better when talking about, say, snakes here at home, so maybe it won't help you feel better about lizards. Take heart, though - they're very small, and they are so afraid of people that, every time I try to get a photo of them, they run away. If you do see one, your husband can make a quick move to it, and it will disappear. You won't have a room full of critters, and, chances are, you won't ever seen any. We've gone 6 times and never had one get into the room with us. They do hang out on the patios, but they generally run away when we open the door to head out there.

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    The lizards that get into the rooms are anoles/ teeth, shy, are only interested in catching mosquitos, moths, etc. They really are harmless, stick to walls and ceilings quite well and so please don't fear them dropping down on you, or stalking you in some way.

    Jamaicans do have a folkloric myth/superstition that says should a lizard run across a woman's foot, she'll soon be pregnant.

    The tree frogs are SO tiny....are never larger than a natural thumbnail (not the beautician elongated type if this makes sense)....they sometimes must get lost as there is nothing in a resort/hotel/house room that is moist, green and overgrown like the plants they like to live in. I sometimes find them in the bathroom here and feel so sorry for them...quite a game to try and catch them and then let them go back outside where they belong. They too would never bite or hurt you in any surprised they don't get a heart attack when a (to them) monstrous sized human being tries to help them relocate.

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    Living in Phoenix for the last 22 years, lizards getting in the house is something that you get used to. Having said that, I've never had a lizard run across my body.

    To be honest, I've never been able to catch one, because they don't want to be near humans.

    I bet that there is a couples message board for lizards, where they are discussing humans in the room.

    Chances are, you won't see one. If you do, the little guy will high tail it out of your sight!

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    Relax. They can't get in the room unless you leave the door open. Calm down. Everything will be okay. Maybe you are just getting nervous about the wedding. This is not something you should be worried about.

    And Safetyal--That was hilarious. I laughed out loud. Classic.

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    Default Animals In Rooms

    OMG I'm just so glad that none of you were talking about sheep !!!

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    Mrs Piperman has claimed that she has seen an old goat in her room from time to time, not really sure what's she's talking about though.

    Relax and enjoy your holiday!

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