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    Hi everyone myself and my partner will be travelling to Jamaica from the uk in june next year to be married. Were new to couples but had a fantastic holiday in negril last year. It will be just the two of us for what we are hoping will be a nice quiet romantic wedding. We are staying at cti for 7 days then cn for 7 days and we are finding it hard to decide which resort to get married at.Any help or advice would be much appreciated

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    Not sure if it's to late for a response but I'd choose whichever resort you're staying at first! Why wait to get married :-)
    I booked the wedding ASAP from arriving just incase we get touched a bit to much from the Jamaican sun, no reason to be burnt on our wedding day. The sea wall at CTI has proved to be a beautiful wedding site for a lot of couples. It has a smaller beach though. So if you're hoping desperately to get married on the beach then CN on the 7 mile beach would be for you. But know they don't clear off the beach for you so maybe the small private beach of CTI is for you. hmm...

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