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    Default Online shop for Couples gifts?

    Hi! Is there on online store where you can buy gifts/retail things? We met a couple who had very cool personalized insulated cups for their wedding last year, and I wanted to get a gift for friends going this year....any info is appreciated, thanks!

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    There was an on-line store at at one time, but it appears to have been discontinued.
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    In case autocorrect didn't work, that last post should read "nope"

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    Yes it is no longer available. They did not got enough business to support it.

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    I miss that Couples online store and hope they bring it back. My wife's birthday is in December and I would usually get her something from the store like a Couples top, flip flops, etc. That would always end up being her favorite gift because it reminded her that we will be heading back "home" to Couples in a few months. You need those reminders when it's December in Chicago!

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