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    Default CN shade nude beach

    We are both in our ealry 60s and have pre cancer spots (no big deal) just have to take it easyier these days in the sun. Is there a lot of shade on the nude beach? Is it possable to move a unbrella down to the beach ?

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    There are plenty of shade trees near the fence!

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    There is plenty of shade at the a/n beach, and it wouldn't be appropriate to remove an umbrella from the pool area and take it to the beach.
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    No problem. There is plenty of shade on the Au Natural beach at Couples Negril. Here are some pictures (these were taken early in the morning when no one was there and I had permission from the guard). The area is separated from the main beach by the fence you see in the first picture.

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    There is lots of shade under the big seagrape trees on the AN beach at CN. In the pictures I've attached you will that there is a large seagrape in the middle of the AN section and two seagrape trees nearer the water. There are no umbrellas on the beach and none needed really because of the shade provided by the trees. There are two hammocks under the seagrape trees as well. Trust me, they are perfect for afternoon naps.

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    We are a similarly aged couple with similar requirements. We had no problem finding shade under a tree on our visit last December. We are returning again this year since we had such a great time.

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    There are plenty of areas for you to sit in the shade. Have a great time!

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    There's plenty of trees and worries!

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    There are a couple of large trees that can keep you nice and shady. No need for an umbrella.

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