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    Default CSS Aug 23-30 Review

    Let me start by saying that CSS was more than we could have ever imagined for our honeymoon. So romantic, peaceful and relaxing.
    We arrived at the resort at 3:30 after a smooth ride from the airport. No problems at customs and very quick.
    We were in B24, 2nd floor on the end and couldn't have asked for a nicer room and views. We were right beside the Pallazina (no you don't hear them preparing breakfast in the morning)and very very close to the beach and swim up pool bar. Didn't have to contend with all those stairs unless we wanted to.
    We took the tour at 5:00 pm which I highly recommend to everyone (there is also one at 10:00 am). Kaydian is the best tour guide. She explained everything so thoroughly and we knew afterwards where we were always going on the resort. There are so many private hideaway spots that you will never find if you don't take the tour.
    We had our first meal at the Bella Vista on the beach. We thought we would just have appetizers because we didn't want a big meal. That was our first mistake...portions are very small. Breakfast at the Pallazina is much to choose from. Tuesday night was the beach party and again it was awesome. I tried goat for the first time and it was so good. Wednesday night my husband had lobster and I had beef tenderloin at the Cassanova. My husband asked for 2 lobster and Adrian said "no problem mon". The dessert here is fabulous. Thursday night we ate at the Pallazina. I was so full from the pasta as well was my husband from the seafood lasagna. No dessert for us. Friday night's gala was so elegant. This is definitely the resorts forte. They do it up beautifully. They have they best ice carver on the island and it only takes him 20 min. to carve 3ice sculptures. One last comment, they make the best french fries on the resort. So much better than home.
    We spent our days lounging by the pool on the AN beach (maximum 10 people per day). There is a swim up bar and grill for lunch so you never have to leave. The one end of the pool is only 1.3 ft. deep so you can float around on your lounger all day. It is so hot/humid that wearing no clothing is the best option. We took 60 sunscreen and never got burnt. Trick is to put it on in your room where it's cool before you go out. And remember, the sun is still there even when it's cloudy.
    You can use the pools at night time but there are no lifeguards so it's at your own risk. We were at the AN pool 3 nights in a row and only 1 or 2 other couples with us. We just grabbed a few drinks from the bar before heading down and the security guard came by to make sure we were "all good".
    We had our 1/2 hour free couples massage (included in the honeymoon). Absolutely amazing! So peaceful listening to the waves from the sea.
    We took the Dunn's River Falls tour and it was much easier than I expected. Water shoes grip the rocks very well. Lots and lots of fun except for the vendors when you are leaving. They sometimes just won't take no thank-you for an answer.
    All in all it was an amazing honeymoon and we look forward to going back some day.
    I have to say special thanks to Lenworth (bellman), Kaydian (tour guide), Easton (bartender), Francine (bartender at AN), Lenworth (breakfast at the Pallazina), Adrian (dinner at the Cassanova), Courtney (dinner at the Pallazina), Noxroy (bartender). There are so many others as well, but these are the people that took great care of us.

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    Congratulations on your recent marriage and honeymoon. I am so glad that u had a wonderful time.

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