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    Default Red Flags in November

    We are traveling to couple tower isle in november, and I was wondering if red flag warnings were very common during this time of year.

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    What arevred flag warnings?

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    Red Flag warnings are when the sea is considered too rough to swim in, by the resort staff.

    This happened to us a couple of days last year while we were at CSS Mid-November, so yes it does happen.

    That's why they have pools.

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    At CN that is how you get a drink at the beach. Also can mean dangerous water conditions and if there are 2 of them the beach is closed. At least in the US.

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    We were at CTI last November and I believe there were red flags out twice, but not for the whole day. There were some disappointed people because they won't ferry anyone out to the island if the flags are red.

    matt & any beach, there is usually a flag system used to let people know about the condition/safety of the water. Green = no issues, Yellow = Use Caution, and Red = Dangerous conditions. Water Sport activities will be cancelled if conditions warrant a red flag.
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    They mean the red flags to let you know there are no water sports allowed during that time the red flag is waving... like if the ocean is just too choppy, it's too windy, etc... We have went in November and December and it's hit or miss just as in any other time of year. Personally we've experienced near perfect weather our last two trips on the Ocho Rios side... other than a rain shower that lasts about 20 minutes two afternoons, which was hardly noticeable.

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    You have to keep an eye on the weather and hope for the best, Nothing you can do with the weather. I have been to CTI 8 times, all in Nov and only had 2 years of "red glag" times.

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