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    Default Strange but it's his passion

    Just an odd quest. We are staying at CTI. My fiance is very passionate about billiards. I see there is a 8 ball and 9 ball tourney. Has anyone ever taken part in it and what are the tables like? (We actually picked CTI cuz of the pool tables lol he cant stand not to be playing for a week I think)
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    We shot some pool while we were there few weeks ago. I'm not an expert, so any pool table will do for me. I would say its comparable to a table you would find at any pool hall. We didn't participate in any tournaments though.

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    I think that there is a pool tournament...just one day of the week though...maybe Friday or Saturday? We were there in Nov 2009 and I can't remember, but I remember my husband wanting to play but we couldn't pull ourselves away from the beach on one of our last days!

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    We played (for fun) when we were there a few weeks ago. The table (just 1) was in pretty good shape. If he is a pool fanatic he might want to bring his own cue. LOL
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    Serenity, He is a pool fanatic lol! But I draw the line of him bringing his own cue! He is trying for the US amateur early Oct. I told him we were going on our honeymoon to relax and enjoy each other but he has to have his pool fix lol. Thats ok while hes playing billiards I'll just make myself look like a tomatoe (get alot of sun) on the beach or sth.
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