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    Default Humidity????

    So how bad is the humidity? I very easily get heat/humidty headaches and I want to make sure I am prepared with the right amounts of meds. Can anyone help me out? We are going to be going in 20 days... Thanks :-)

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    It's hot and humid, much like most of the tropics.

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    You are heading to a beach resort in's going to be very humid.

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    We'll be there on Friday. However, looking at the weather as I have for the last two weeks. Your looking at Temps between 85 and 90 each day with humidity averaging between 65% and 85%.

    Your meds would definitely be warranted unless your going to be in the ocean or pool most of the time. AC inside your room should help if your overwhelmed.

    Best of luck!

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    It is the tropics so yes it is humid, I'll take a guess and say 65 to 75% but there is also a nice breeze blowing most of the time and that helps a lot.. Shade is plentiful along with the pools and of course the ocean. The restaurants have MANY ceiling fans so the air is moving well.. I don't do well in humidity, but had no issues while at CSA. Pack meds for what you would take under the worst conditions you have dealt with and then add some extra. Better to have them and not need them.. Enjoy your time in paradise.

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    These are some weather sites, the first is Montego Bay:

    This one is CSA. That's where we're staying in 11 days!!!

    The pages took a while to load but be patient...

    We're from Mobile, AL and swim in it daily! Pack breathable (loose fitting) cotton in light colors to make it more enjoyable! Rayon is especially hot for me in humidity. I'm not bringing anything "lined"!! TOO HOT! Have fun!!
    Betsy & Bruce

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    thanks everyone, we live in western michigan and I am pretty used to humidity as it can get quite nasty up here. I think my fiance and I are more excited about the honeymoon than the wedding :-) And I have decided to not let a little humidity get me down. We will party and have a GREAT time!!!!!

    18 days and counting down :-)

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    We have stayed at CN during the months of January, February, March, and April, at CTI during the months of January and February, and at CSA in July. We were never bothered by the humidity. When we visited CSS in August 2009, however, the humidity was horrible. We went to the beach party on our lat night, and I felt as if I were melting. As soon as we ate, we went back to the room and enjoyed the AC. My sister and her husband decided to forego and beach party as well, and we just played cards in our room.

    I don't know if our experience was typical or unusual, but I'd bring the appropriate meds if I were you just in case.
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    it is very humid and hot there, however it is hotter here in virgina now then it was at css the week we were there

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    We are from St. Louis and around here "low" humidity is around 70%. Anything below that is considered arid. That said, we did not mind the humidity in Jamaica too much. The sun is quite different though. Direct sunlight it is much more intense than around here, and being from Michigan you will notice it immediately when you get outside during the day. So pack the sun screen. It seems to be something in the air in Jamaica, I suffer from sinus headaches during the summer, but not in Jamaica. I suppose it has something to do with being at sea level and the air being so clean. But I never have sinus problems down there. Likewise Mrs. dirtleg suffers from allergies something awful, but again no sign of them in Jamaica.

    Have a great trip!

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    I think it depends where you are from. We used to live in Dallas and went to Jamaica in May. It didn't feel very humid to me at all. Then I moved to Colorado and went to Jamaica in May. I thought I was going to die. So I really think it depends on what you are used to. We now go in the Fall and it doesn't feel as humid to me, but perhaps I have gotten used to it.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    I'm in Ontario, Canada and the humidity here is a major health bother to me - moreso than any time I've been in the Caribbean. It's just different and the airflow is your relief. I still take otc sinus meds just in case.

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