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    I know that I can get My letter read to my Honey, but don't know when we'll be in the room. So I thought I'd write it here as I know she's reading.


    As hard as it is to believe, we're celebrating our 16th Wedding Anniversary. Time has flown by and as I sit back and reflect on our lives together with our two beautiful daughters, I realize that I love you more as each day passes. Even when we're both exhausted and just sitting on the couch together, too tired to do anything but just sit with your head in my lap (I love that). I Love You.

    I found the need to sit and write a love letter to you in case you didn't know how much you mean to me. These are the things that I hope you already know:

    I love you.
    I love every little thing about you.
    I love your cute smile, your beautiful blue eyes, and the sound of your voice.
    I love your gentle touch, and I love the warmth I feel when Iím by your side.
    I can't stop thinking about you when we are apart. I need you by my side.
    You complete me. You mean the world to me.
    You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.
    You are the one I've always wished for.
    I never thought that I would ever meet someone as special as you.
    I love each and every moment I share with you.
    There are so many more things that I can say but just know that after all these years you still make my heart skip a beat. Life is pretty hectic at times with both of us working and taking our kids to their activities, but I would never trade a moment of the time we've shared together.

    I Love You and always will

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    Wow!!! How do I top that. Anything I say now will seem superficial.
    You are my rock, my world and the most amazing husband/father any girl could ask for.
    I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

    Happy Anniversary

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    How sweet!!!

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