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    Default Our Wedding at CSA 7-4-2009

    Our wedding day was perfect. Clear skies, blue water, white sand. We used the resort photographer and very satisfied. We are looking forward to returning.

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    Congrats! Lovely photos and the water looked very blue. I hoped you enjoyed your stay.

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    Those are beautiful pictures with two beautiful people in them. You look so very happy ;-) I am using the resort photographer as well. What was the name of the resort photographer you used?

    Thanks for sharing,

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    Your pictures turned out beautiful. What time did you get married?

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    Very beautiful pics. The wedding photographer did a very good job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carleigh&Adam View Post
    Your pictures turned out beautiful. What time did you get married?
    10:00 AM. First wedding of the day.

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    After seeing your pictures I'm so glad we chose the 10am time slot for our wedding at CSA. How was the heat at that time? We are getting married in May and was hoping at 10am it wouldn't be as hot. Did you do your own hair and makeup?

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    It was pretty hot. Keep it simple. I wore very little makeup and did my own hair. The best part was that right after the ceremony we were in our bathing suits on the beach. It was awesome!

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    Congratulations! Thanks for posting your photos! They are beautiful.

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