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    Default Calling all CSS fans...........

    Hi everyone,
    Our last few trips to Jamaica have been in the Negril area, last April being CSA(our first Couples vacation.)
    Looking ahead to our next trip, we've been looking at CSS, but are unsure if this resort would be right for us. So,all you CSS fans, please tell us what you love about CSS.

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    I'm "cheating" a bit and reposting something I wrote in response to another question, but here goes (ignore the parts that were obviously directed at a specific query; I'd edit, but I have the flu and am in no mood to nitpick the details:

    I can't comment fairly on CTI, since we've not stayed there, but I can and will tell you why we love CSS:

    CSS is not the most posh or extravagent resort that you will find, particularly when it comes to the actual rooms, but it is immaculately clean, the service is second to none, and the grounds are absolutely breathtaking. The resort has only 150 rooms, but it sits on 36 acres. The "old" part of the resort was built as residential housing in the '60s (on the remains of a pirate fortress) and retains a very colonial atmosphere. This "section," if you will, is built up and on a cliff with a very tropical, rainforest atmosphere. There are paths and walkways and amazing views, very lush.

    The "new" part encompaasses the main beach, main pool, main bar/Bella Vista restaurant, blocks A & B (built in the late '80s but following the architecture of the original structures), and the Palazzina restaurant. There is a large lawn that is set up beautifully on Fridays for the gala. The main beach sits in a natural cove and is entirely private.

    There is also an A/N beach that is private and accessed by a short path that goes next to a large fish pond and tennis courts. There is a pool/grotto, bar, hot tub, grill, and this is separated from adjoining properties by a river.

    There are no cabanas as I understand you to mean, and frankly, they're unnecessary. There is no "guest heirarchy" at any Couples resort: You will receive the same amazing service no matter what your room category.

    The spa at CSS is built at the top of the cliffs, and the huts overlook the sea, most with over 180-degree views of the sea. (You can hear the waves crashing below you). The staff is top notch and offers a huge variety of services.

    I first fell in love with the Sans Souci when I traveled there with my mother in the early '80s. It was not a Couples resort at that time, but the property was absolutely amazing. As per the times, it was quite formal (jacket and tie required for men for dinner).

    When my husband and I decided to get married abroad four years ago, I found out that the Sans Souci property had been acquired by Couples, and it was a no-brainer. I was not disappointed. The resort has expanded and become a bit more casual (requiring long pants and closed-toed shoes for me only in one restaurant), but it still retained the essense of what I adored about the resort in the beginning.

    I'm definitely rambling now, but I will tell you that if you demand marble lobbies and perfectly immaculate and sterile, glitzy rooms, the resort may not be for you. If you want to be social, it's always available, but you also have the option of spending time by yourselves: You can find places where you'll feel as if you're in your own private paradise.

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    What's not to love? Seriously! We loved everything. It was our first and only trip to a couples resort so we have nothing to compare to. We stayed in G block and it was SO private. It was really nice that we were on the end of the resort becuase the restaurants and main pool and beach were at the other end so it gave us a chance to walk the entire resort and not miss out on anything. The resort was so lush and beautiful - lots of private hideaways and spots to enjoy the privacy and beauty. There were several times we felt like we were the only ones there!!!!

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    Our concern exactly. We must say after our stay Aug 14-21 at San Souci we will probably NOT go back to the Negril side. Not that there is anything wrong with it, because we did love it. It's just that there is a whole different feel to the resort knowing that you are the only ones there. No outside people coming on "your" beach. Even at full capacity of 150 rooms, the place never felt crowded. We loved that we could be as involved as we wanted or as alone as we wanted. A very gorgeous setting and wonderful people. San Souci is the place for us from here on out.

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    Kathy - We went to CSA for our first Couples experience, then went to CSS, next. We loved CSS so much, that we returned to CSS again 7 weeks later! Send us an e-mail if you'd like, at and we'll send you all kinds of information about CSS, and some pictures of our 2 trips there as well.

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    Default Why did we choose CSS you ask?

    Last year was our first trip to a Couples resort. For us it was a no-brainer to pick CSS. We are nature lovers and the grounds offered us many opportunities to see flowers, lizards, birds. The views from the cliffs are amazing.
    The pond has lots of activity of birds mainly in the morning and evening.
    There are hummingbirds all over.

    Secondly we discovered the mineral pool. If you want activity, the main pool is great but we found the mineral pool to be our own haven. We often had it to ourselves. You can walk down to the little alcove with the floaties and float in the ocean (again nice and private). The fruit smoothies at the mineral pool are awesome.

    CSS is the only resort where there is 24 hour room service at all rooms. The service for room service and all around the resort is second to none.

    There is so much more - you won't be disappointed.

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    if you enjoy the a/n beach then you will love Sunset Beach, no oomparison to a/n beach at CNN

    We really liked our 'A' block room

    You cannot walk very far on the beach but the grounds are really nice, lots of steps though.

    We liked the food selection better at cn but the food was good at CSS

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    we also feel like going anywhere but back to CSS could be a bit of a letdown - our first trip to Jamaica and we feel like we hit the jackpot with CSS. EVERYTHING about it was stellar - I wish we could go back tomorrow! We renewed our vows on the beach and even though there were 5 weddings/vow renewals that day, we felt like we were the only ones that the ceremony staff was catering to. It was pure HEAVEN and we can't wait to return! SSB was truly an amazing place to get away - whether you go during the day when it's AN or before/after when it's open to everyone, you will love the private beach. The day we left we went over early to take photos before everyone else- it was just the two of us and so romantic! CSS just has photo op after photo op...

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    I don't know where to start. First off, we love CSS it oozes romance. There is a plethora of paths to wander with your loved one, plus there are bikes you can grab and ride around the lake.

    The nightly entertainment venue isn't as good as CSA's, but the entertainment is still top notch. The Friday Night Gala is over the top with incredible food and the entertainment...oh the!

    All the rooms being suites is very nice. We don't have any complaints about any of the rooms at any of the resorts, but the rooms at CSS are extra nice being suites.

    With the huge property and small number of rooms it feels like you have the place to yourself.

    The service at CSA is fabulous, but the service at CSS is extra special. Can't put my finger on it, but we felt very special by the staff.

    Things we missed: The beach, you just can't beat the Negril beaches. The workout facility no way compares to CSA's, but the workout room does overlook the ocean.

    We loved CSS, but our heart also belongs to CN and her beach. So next year we are taking 2 weeks and spending a week at each.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We visited CN 4 years ago and we loved it. We decided to come back to Jamaica and try another Couples resort in Ocho Rios. The choice was limited in that CTI was closed down during this time. We absolutely feel in love with CSS. It is the only resort we ever visited more then once and this January will be our third time.

    I want to say to all CN folks that CN is lovely. The staff at both resorts were excellent. Above and beyond what you would expect.

    So the differences are more about the size, location and character. The Ocho Rios resorts are old. They are well maintained but they are old. Some would say dated but I think they have character and charm. That don't build resorts like CSS anymore. The rooms are large, they all have great views and each type is unique. The grounds around the resort are so cool because you can go exploring in this wonderful gardens. There is a hot tub hidden in cliffs, there is sauna that has a private beach area. We meet two couples last year who hated CSS because they like cookie cutter big resorts like the "S" chain. CSS is not this. Thankfully.

    Second, location. Ocho Rios in general has smaller beaches and they tend to be private. CSS has no other resorts near by except Shaw Park which is separated by the White River. The main beach has no access so only CSS guests are there. Part of the reason for paying bigger $$ is to have a less crowded beach and in Negril all the other resorts can and do walk by. CN just felt more crowded although the beach was much larger.

    Finally it is a small resort and because of this you meet the same people all week long and you often form friendships. Just look at the "meet up" sections and you will see that the same people go the weeks every year because of the friendships at Couples. We would think ourselves as out going but we still connected with other couples. And the neat thing is we are all there as couples so it is easy also break away and be alone.

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    We (my wife and I) wnet to CSS 3 years ago and had a wonderful time. Since then, we have stayed at one of the "S" resorts in Playa del Carmen. We enjoyed it but not as much as CSS. One of the biggest reasons is the size of the facility (# of rooms). We like the fact that the facility only has 150 rooms as opposed to 250 - 600 like some of the other resort chains. That is why we are headed back to CSS for our 10 year anniversary in Dec '10.

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