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    Default nicest snorkeling beach CN or CSA


    trying to decide on which resort... the most important thing is which resort would have the best snorkeling in your opinion? I'm leaning towards CN, but just wanted to see if anyone had any personal experience. It sounds like the other two Couples do not even come close for the snorkeling?

    thanks everyone!!

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    Are you talking about right off the beach or the sites they take you to? They both go to the same dive and snorkeling sites. I don't think there is a ton to see off of the beaches. I haven't been to CN so I'm not sure about that. There are a few fish, a bunch of stars and some sand dollars. Every once in a while you can see a ray but we have only seen them on the side by the boats where you aren't supposed to swim. We saw a huge one while riding the water tricycle things. It was as big as I am. The beaches are pretty much just sand so there isn't a ton of action in that area.

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    We have stayed at CSA and CSS, and have done trading places to CN. We are avid snorkelers (we have our own equipment). The sea floor off of both CN and CSA is smooth and sandy, in other words, not a lot to see, and not much to atract the fishies.

    Both CSA and CN go to basically the same snorkeling sites, although CN goes to one on its side of Bloody Bay that is very cool and in deeper water than the CSA dive sites. None of the snorkeling is Great Barrier Reef stuff, but it is certainly just fine for seeing decent coral and a wide variety of sea life.

    We were able to snorkel directly off the beach at CSS. There is a lot to see along the cliffs IF the water is not murky from the sand being stirred up by wave action.

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    Neither beach is good for snorkeling directly from the beach. Both resorts snorkel trips are very nice and some of the reef locations overlap.

    Both CN and CSA's beaches are only smooth sand bottoms, so there is very little to see. CN is only 4 1/2 fet deep out to the ropes while CSA is about 10 feet.

    One option at CN is to walk down (about 2 blocks) and snorkel along the Breezes location. This is where the small end of the cove has the rock cliffs and also one of the snorkel sites.

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    IMHO, the best snorkeling was at CSS. Not only do you have the sunken ship and the other reefs, but the spots down by Charlie's grotto and the spa right off shore are not too bad either.

    The beaches at CSA and CN aren't really snorkel-able (although you can see some sea life occasionally) and they both take you to the same reefs offshore, so the snorkeling in that respect is exactly the same.

    Have a fabulous trip, no matter which you choose.
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    If you are talking about snorkeling off the beach, then CTI or CSS is your best bet. CSA and CN's beaches are pure sand without any reefs while the Ocho Rios side of the island are on or near reefs that you can swim to from the beach. Don't expect a ton of fishes from these beaches, but you can snorkel off the beach. (You need to bring your own equipment.) Now, if you are talking about the snorkeling trip then Melody is correct and CN & CSA go to the same snorkel sites and equipment is provided for you. FYI ~ CTI & CSS also go to the same sites.
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    Hi Melody! Thanks for the reply. By the way, how is the place that they take you too for snorkeling? Is that included with staying at the resorts?


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    If you truly mean snorkeling from the beach then I would always choose CN since Bloody Bay tends to be more calm than CSA over on Long Bay. IF you mean the excursions they both go to the reef area not far from Booby Cay.
    Have fun!

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    I saw very few people snorkeling right off the resort. Too much water traffic and people in the water to keep fish around. As stated above they will take you out snorkelling everyday. I saw a few fish while in the water at CN. Like stated above. Some star fish sometimes as well. At night there was a decent amount of small fish seen right off the shoreline.

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