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    Default air fare from new orleans

    does anyone have any suggestions on what airline offers the best prices out of new orleans la? if you have flown out of new orleans, what is the average price for roundtrip to CSA?

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    We live in the FL panhandle...and, I know New Orleans airport is like any other in this area (Ft. Walton Bch, Pensacola, Mobile, etc.) will still have to connect through Atlanta, Memphis, or Dallas to get to Mobay, depending on the airline....we have decided to drive 6 hrs to Orlando this a parksleepfly hotel(1 night stay,parking up to 14 days, and shuttles to/from airport) for $89...then catch JetBlue direct for $79 pp....gonna save like $800 on the flight portion of our trip =)
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    We went us air from new Orleans last June through Charlotte. It was the same price as going through miami or Dallas/Houston and less a hassle at customs. They were about $550 then. I'm watching fares for next may and haven't seen anything below $483 so far. I wish baton rouge was cheaper but it's about $200 more.

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    We live in the metro New Orleans area. We flew American thru Miami in October 2009. We will fly Continental thru Houston this October. When I checked airfare American and Continental had the best prices. US Airways was about $100 higher. I did not pick American because they changed my flights from an afternoon departure in Montego Bay to a 6 am departure.


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