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    Default candlelit dinner on the beach $150- is it worth it?

    we are considering having the candlelit dinner on the beach after we get married, for an extra $150. Has anyone done this and is it worth it? thanks

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    We did the dinner on the beach. It was absolutely amazing and worth every penny!

    Charles our "personal waiter" came to get us in our room. Brought champagne and chilled glasses and walked us to the dinner area. Soft romantic music was playing, little tea lights lighting the pathway to the table. The food was amazing! They print special personalized menus and also give you a special bottle of wine to take home. It was well worth the money. We would do it again in a heartbeat!


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    thank you for that, I think we will go for it..

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    Thanks for answering bluemoon. I was wondering the same thing

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    We did one at CTI and honestly was not worth it! It was pretty much the same food we had at our dinner at 8 Rivers the night before our wedding, and at our little private lunch they had set up for us. The only difference was that they added shrimp! It was cool to be sitting by the beach by yourselves with your own waiter (Steven was AWESOME!) but the food just really wasnt worth it at CTI. We were looking at the menu at other locations and they seem a LOT better with different menus than the restaurants that are on the property.

    I guess since my experience was the opposite of bluemoons Im jaded! lol I booked my dinner 3 months in advanced only to find out the night of the dinner that they never had any record of it! And we didnt get a bottle of wine to take home or anything!

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    I just got back from CSA and we did the private dinner the last night we were there, but it actually cost $170. I thought it was worth it for the experience...I know we'll never eat dinner in that setting again. The food was delicious, and it was very romantic. Everyone doing the private dinner at CSA met at one of the restaurants, and your waiter took you from there. We were at the very end, so it took quite a while to get our food, and we didn't have the best server, but the food and setting makes it all worth it!

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    Our first trip to couples was at CN from 7/13/10-7/20/10 for our weddingmoon. We did consider it, however we were glad that we did not do it!

    I was thinking that you would be alone on the beach, and yeah they were all at small intimate table for two, but i was shocked at how many other couples they had on the beach for "private" dinners at the same time.

    Plus, not to mention all the other guest on the beach late at night aswell.

    Everyone was respectful of everyone else, but it was not nearly as private as i was expected.

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