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    I know there has been a lot of postings about Jamaica Air, but I am still confused. I thought it was sold. Is it still safe to book them? For Jan., they have great times for roundtrip flights from NY. Much more expensive than I have seen, but the times are great. Is it safe to book? We usually take Jet Blue, but flight times aren't great.

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    Caribbean Airlines acquired Air Jamaica's fleet and route rights in May of 2010. After Caribbean Airlines made its acquisition, the 6 am flight out of JFK was restored to AJ's schedule. We've been flying it since moving to New York in 2008 and were disappointed when it was unavailable for our last two trips. We're glad to see it's available again. Although we never enjoy waking up in the middle of the night and driving in from Westchester, it's worth it b/c we'll make it to the resort around 10 am (11 am New York time).

    If you're worried that the flight will be cancelled or flight times changed, then simply wait until you get a bit closer to your travel date before booking. We're traveling to CN next month and just made our travel arrangements in early August. We're planning to visit CN again in January and won't book until December.
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    We flew A/J last month out of Philadelphia and left 10 min. early and were in MoBay 20 min. early. The bags were there the crew was the best and we have already booked A/J for next July.
    The only problem we had was they called for an Air Bus 320 and we ended up on a 319. I am only 5'10" tall and felt like my knees were up around my ears the whole time. as long as A/J ( Caribbean air is there and the staff stays the same, we won't change. We could use US Air but there flight times stink.

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    So I should wait until it gets closer to Jan? The flights are pretty high righ now. Won't they go higher? Also, are you able to pick your seats on Air Jamaica. I will sure miss the TVs on Jet Blue, but the times from NY are so good on Air Jamaica.

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    We booked AJ for our flight out of Philly in June 2011. It's a 6AM flight. Hopefully everything goes smooth. We have a good bit of friends travelling with us that week as well. Were leaving on a Monday morning. Last year we flew US Air. It was not that bad. I just like the thought of being at the resort earlier.

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    Did you do the 6am Flight? If so, what time did you get to the resort and were they ready for you. If not I guess we can go to the beach!

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    Flew AJ out of Atlanta for every Jamaican vacation until they pulled out of Atlanta. Really miss them. Now fly Delta with regrets. AJ was great.

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    Yes we flew the 6:00A flight out of PHL. We actualy left the gate at 5:50A. If they have everyone on the flight they will leave as early as they can. This is one more reason that people should be on time. We were ar CSS by 10:45A and the they were ready for us. Romance Rewards package in hand, we were in our room and on the beach with lunch by 11:45A. They had a room available for us in "A" block which isn't bad but we wanted to be in "B" block. If we wanted to wait we could have changed and gone to the beach but we just wanted to get into a room and get settled in.

    maryrny, yes you can reserve seats on A/J. They do keep selected seats for their 7th heaven club members but the other seats you can reserve.

    Have a safe flight and a wonderful time. 308 days till CN next year and yes we are on A/J flight 0044 and don't plan to change. With the take over the airline on time flights have only gotten better!

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    Thanks for the reply. I figured taht we would be at the resort between 1130 and 1200. I guess we should be there a little sooner. Our group will be about 30% of the flight probably if we get the A319 and not the A320.

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