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    Default Older Couples - December 11-18, 2010

    Any older (50+) couples planning to be at either CN or CSA on the above dates? We posted a similar message last year on another all-inclusive website and spent our week with a lovely group of people. We're trying to decide between CN and CSA, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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    Less than 3 weeks we will be at CN for the 4th time. We are in our early 60s and really love CN. Have been to the other Couples and spent a week at CSA 2 years ago. We enjoyed CSA but feel that it is more of a fitness resort than CN. We don't go for fitness which we can do at home but for fun and relaxation. No matter which Couples you choose you can't go wrong. Have a fantastic COUPLES time.

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    Hop over to the Meet-Up threads for the respective resorts and look there. You might find some people who have already posted, or you can post your own question there, just might get a few more answers. I will guarantee that even if you don't get any replies you will find people at the resort your age, older and younger and you will have a fabulous time. Age never seems to matter at Couples.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We'll be at CSA Dec. 3-17. I'm in my early 60's and John is in his 50's. John will usually be found on the tennis courts and I'll be on the beach with a book. This will be out 10th trip to CSA. We have always found a wide range of ages and have spent time hanging out with other guests with ages ranging from 22 to 78. We'll be happy to meet you and buy you a drink.

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    While we will not be there when you will, my wife and I are both in our 50's and had a great time at CSA last April..

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    Thanks, everyone!! Based on a number of factors, we've decided to book CSA. "Sue from NY," I'll look for you at the pool bar. I'm "Rochelle from NJ."

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    Both CN and CSA have many guests of all ages. We love CN just because it was the first place we went to. Look at the pictures of each resort and choose one. You can't go wrong!

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    My husband & I will be arriving on the 18th at CSA, our 4th trip to CSA after being married there in 2002. I'm in mid 50's and hubby is early 60's so no worry 'bout age at Couples resorts! Enjoy your stay whichever you choose!

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    We are in our mid 60s and just can't wait to get back to Couples. Will be at CN 7th-12th then to CSA till the 19th, Be seeing you all there at CN on the nude beach ,just look for my bald head and a big hat

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    Hi catchafairy - My husband (Jim, 53) and myself (Flo, 48) will be at CSA 12/12 through 12/24, for our second trip. We are bringing another couple 48 and 50 with us for their first time. Hope to meet up with the both of you!!

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    Mary, we'll see you there Dec. 3-8th! Are you running in the full or half Reggae Marathon on Dec. 4th?

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    we will be at CN 12/10 - 12/18. Today is my birthday and 99 days (DOUBLE DIGIT) until we leave. I am 53 and Larry, my husband will turn 58 while at CN. He to see you there. Watch for the Christmas Hatters Meet Up at the Pool Bar

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    My husband and I chose CSA and we'll be there from 12/12-19 (couldn't get a flight for the earlier dates). I typed "Sue from NY" above in error - sorry about that! My name is Rochelle and I'm from NJ. Mary, blondie56, and JDzWife look for me at the pool bar! Looking forward to meeting you all!!

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