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    Default Spending Money @ CSA

    This is our first trip EVER that doesn't include visiting family. Actually, it's our delayed honeymoon - married in April. We're finally booked for CSA in November and really excited!! Just wondering how much spendable cash we should think about taking with us. We'll be there for 1 week.

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    We were at CTI last Nov for a week and took about $250 with us. We used it to tip the driver to/from the resort and pay for our stuff at the rest stop on the way, pay for our DVD from Dunn's River and tipping there, buy stuff from the local vendors, buy food at the airport, etc. We are going back to CSA in Nov and will be taking approx that much again. We put the excursions and stuff we bought at the gift shop on our credit cards. I think we came back with like $20!

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    We took 300.00 and that worked well for us. Food at the airports is costly.

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    Keep in mind that the Catamaran crew members aren't Couples staff so it's nice to tip them. Spa services also don't include a tip. Aside from them and the shuttle driver, the only cash you should need is for trips off of the resort...vendors, etc.
    You can charge anything in the gift shops to your room. Same with the casino.
    200 or 300 should be good.

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