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    Default CN restaurant dress code

    I'm a bit confused about the dress code for the restaurants at CN in the evening. According to the website, only the Otaheite requires you follow a dress code (no jeans, shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, sneakers). According to the catalog/brochure we received in the mail, NONE of the restaurants allow shorts, etc. in the evening. Can someone please clarify so my husband knows what to pack?

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    He will need to pack long pants, dress shoes and a collared shirt with sleves for the Otahiete only. But, you don't want to miss eating is teriffic! Shorts and sandals are fine at the other restaurants.
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    When CN opened in 1999, the dress code was as it appears in the brochure, and it was enforced. At that time, the Beach Grill was open for dinner hours, and guests who showed up at Heliconia or the Cassava Terrace dressed in shorts were told that they would either have to change or eat at the Beach Grill.

    Things changed after 9/11. Americans were afraid to travel, and tourism in Jamaica suffered as a result. Couples offered incredible discounts in an effort to increase its occupancy. This resulted in a lot of guests who previously couldn't afford Couples selecting Couples as their vacation destination, and the change in dress was immediately noticeable when we visited in February or March of 2002. Guests showed up to dinner wearing clothing I wouldn't wear to do yard work, and nothing was said about it. One memorable outfit consisted of compression shorts and a hot pink shirt that met at the waist and top of the shoulders but completely bared the man's sides, worn by a man who should have known better.

    The original dress code has not been restored. Today, Otaheite is the only restaurant at CN that still has a dress code. The Beach Grill is no longer open for dinner (it now "transforms" into Heliconia), so there is no place that underdressed guests could be directed. There are a lot of guests who wear shorts to dinner at the Cassava Terrace, Heliconia, and Lychee. While most people make an attempt to look nice, you will see people who don't. Two years ago, we saw a guy show up at the Cassava Terrace wearing pajamas and slippers.

    We still adhere to the original dress code. I wear a sundress to dinner every night, and my husband wears long pants with a Hawaiian shirt. If you want to wear shorts, however, you won't feel out of place. There are a number of guests who do so.
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    Just about every guy wears shorts to dinner every night at CN.(except for Otaheite.

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    Sharon - not to worry - My DH David packs several pair of tailored shorts and dressier sandals - he will pack golf and buttoned, collared shirts for dining in all but Otaheite - for that he will bring 1 pair of khaki pants and "deck shoes" or close toed sandals. I know you guys are getting so excited - remember you will be in a swimsuit and cover up most of the time - I will take 3-4 swim suits as with the humidity they don't dry quickly - capri pants and summer dressses as they are cooler to wear. Don't stress - everything is Irie Mon - hope to meet you in 16 short days!!

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    All but Otaheite allow shorts, usually nice shorts for dinner.

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    Default reservations

    Thank you all so much for your replies. My husband always overpacks anyways, so he'll be all set. Just had some confusion after getting the brochure in the mail. Personally, my clothes could fit in a large purse! I plan to wear as little as possible. So psyched! 8 days to paradise... (actually, it is nighttime, so I could almost say 7 days!)

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    Glad they don't enforce a "Dress up" for all restaurants. We adhere very well to Otaheite, but don't want to have to carry that many dress clothes with us and that really is not our style. We both like shorts, and wear nice shorts and shirts, but would much prefer that. I think if Couples ever went back to the "old" dress code, we would look for something else. Love the place, love the food and the people but it IS vacation and we should be able to relax and dressing up every night is not relaxing for me. But we are all different in our relaxation and that is what makes it all good.

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    I agree with cleversole. I'm there to relax. I like the idea of Otaheite with a dress code. I wore khaki shorts to dinner with a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers everynight. Now I wasn't wearing stained shirts or anything that I wouldn't wear out to dinner around here. Our night at Otaheite was hot and at the time they were changing the floor out and the restaurant for that week was outside by the pool under a tent.

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