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    Default CSA - steak at restaurants?

    Do any of the restaurants at CSA serve steak? I didn't see it on any of the sample menus? What about seafood? Thanks!

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    Bob has had steak at the Palms and also at Feathers. There is a lot of fish on the menu at every meal (including breakfast!). Almost all of the restaurants have shrimp on the menu, but not a lot of crab, scallops, etc.

    Keep in mind that the beef in Jamaica tastes different than the beef in the U.S. and Canada. The cows are fed a different diet in Jamaica, which gives the beef a different taste. Some have complained that the beef is low quality. It is most definitely not, but it does taste different.

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    Actually, according to the head chefs at CSS and CN, all their beef is imported from the US. That being said, it is not of the quality and taste of Iowa or North Dakota beef. There are so many wonderful seafood dishes in Jamaica that I would try to sample all of those instead of settling for their beef. And don't forget the jerk chicken and pork. It is a seasoning you will find no where else!

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    We went on the kitchen tour when we were at CN in March 2009 and were told that the beef served at Couples is imported from the U.S. and the lamb from New Zealand, although the chicken is local. I don't recall if pork is local or imported.
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