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    Staying at CTI Sept 5 through 11th (can't wait). We wanted to go to Rick's Cafe for the cliff diving. Any idea how long it takes to get there and if there are any shuttles provided by CTI?

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    Rick's Cafe is on the other side of the island. CTI does not sponsor a trip there. You would need to hire a private driver and I don't know if they would even make the trip at night. The trip would take up to 5 hours one way, depending on traffic.
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    From CTI? About 3-4 hrs. It is on the negril side of the island. Save your time and go when you visit CSA or CN.

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    RobinsHere6,if you want to go to Rick's Cafe then you're going to the wrong resort. Only CN & CSA are close to Rick's. From CTI it's probably a minimum 3 hour drive. So sorry to disappoint you. We've been to CTI before the renovations and I'm sure that you'll have the time of your lives without a trip to Rick's. Enjoy your time in Paradise!

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    From CTI to Rick's cafe is about a 3 hour drive. IMHO it is too far to do in one evening.
    We would save Rick's cafe for when you take a vaction to CSA or CN in Negril. From those 2 resorts it is about a 15 minute ride

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    Wow, didn't realize it was that far. Definitely not worth that kind of drive. We arrive Sept. 5th and I can't wait. I know we'll have a great time.

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