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    Default J&B's Photo Montage 7/15/10

    I still need to write our review and want to post more pictures but still busy with everyone else's wedding stuff. But i just had to post my photo montage by Misha Earle now, who was AWESOME!!

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    Your pictures are beautiful! Did you use the resort photographer? I am getting married next may at CTI. We want to have a slideshow done like the one you have, it really is great. You had allot of pictures. How much did the cost of the pictures run you if you don't mind me asking you? This wedding planning stuff is making me crazy

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    what package did you get? How many hours? Was it long enough? The pictures turned out amazing!! i am debating between Misha and Stacey. Hard choice. You are so pretty. Just love all of the pictures!!!

    What wedding upgrades did you get? ANy info that you can share would be great. I am getting married june 29, 2011 CAN"T WAIT!!

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    Beautiful pictures.

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    Wow the slideshow was awesome!! I am having a beach ceremony on 11/6/10 @ CSA and would love to have my day chronicled so beautifully. If you don't mind me asking (same as the young ladies above), how much was this, how many photos were included and who should I reach out to book this photographer? Thanks in advance and congrats!
    Soon2B Mrs "H"

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    Awesome pictures!!! We booked Misha for our Dec 2010 wedding over a year ago! I am so excited for her to take our pictures!!

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    Default Beautiful pictures!

    Your pictures are beautiful! Congrats on your wedding! It looks like you had an amazing day! We just booked our "weddingmoon" for CSA on April 26th and booked Misha as well. Congrats on begining your new life together as husband and wife.

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    Thanks everyone! we had soo much fun and i can't wait to go back!

    Misha was awesome, and we are soo pleased with our descision to go with her! sucks paying the $500 vendor fee, BUT she's soo worth it!! just wish she got that vendor fee, b/c she earned it!

    we only had her for 3hrs! which i was scard would not be enough time, but all worked out perfect! we got tons and tons of more great pics! almost 500!!!

    the photo montage was extra, but less than i expected!! I'm sorry i can't remember how much we paid for it, but i know it was soo worth it!

    i contacted her through her website, she was great with email and answered all my questions.

    she's also on facebook too.

    I still have to send out my thank you cards for our home reception. (should be doing that now...) but once those are done, i'll write a big review about everything

    oh yeah, and to answer one of the questions above, I did upgrade my flowers! but i think that was it..? we paid for dress/suit to be steamed. the salon did my hair and makeup. we just did the cake and champaign for reception and ran off for pics! then came back together for lunch at the cassava terrace where they put a bunch of tables together for us. it was perfect! Only regret~ i didn't get many pics (taken with my camera) at our lunch!! i had a cute little short wedding "party" dress that i only got head shots in!

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    Jenny, your wedding was beautiful! Loved, loved, loved your dress! I (we) got married at CN in June. We also got married at 10:00 and it also rained right after our ceremony so we didn't get to do the dinner on the beach until the next evening. Mischa did a fantastic job on your photos! We used the resort photographer and although he did a great job I wish I had a few more and also a video...but all in all we were also very happy with our wedding and can't wait to go back to CN! Congratulations!

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    bluemoon 0510~ do you have pics of your wedding? have you been to other couples resorts before?

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    We are getting married on July 9th...what was your typical weather like while you were there? We are planning a 4 pm wedding...any info you can share would be appreciated!!!

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    Honestly i think it was 85-90deg almost everyday, evenings would cool off, but still felt comfy in a short sun dress.

    I was there at the first week of rainy season and it did seam to rain a lot! our wedding day it rained from 1-3, and again from 530-9 (bonfire beach party mostly rained out, guess it started...later but we missed it).

    Most days it would rain just 1-2 times in the afternoon for a short while, however there was one day when it didn't rain (and it was soo humid & muggy), while the day after it rained what felt like the whole day. We had fun at the swim up bar and hot tubs though & connected with a lot of people that day.

    We still had a total blast, but next time i think i would like to try a non-rainy season week. We missed out on a lot of the watersports b/c of the weather. Lots of other people have said that it only rains once for a short time each day (during rainy season), but i also know that we usually get the short end of the stick...

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    You are such a stunning bride.

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