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    Default Weather in Nov ?????

    Hi all

    Nearly booking our second time at the CN but not too sure what the weather is usually like around First week in November. We went last Sept and loved it that much we are heading back this year.

    Can anyone reaasure me that the weather is still lovely then please or should we book for later on in the year????

    Many thanks

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    I think the temps in Jamaica are nearly the same year round. We were there the week of Thanksgiving last year and the temps were beautiful. About 85 during the day and around 70-75 in the evenings. It rains for a VERY short period in the afternoon...good time for a nap.

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    It'll be great, shorter daylight hours but cooler and less humid in the evenings. Most of the threat of hurricanes will be gone. You may get a few afternoon showers, very short though. We went at Christmas one year and it was perfect.

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    My husband and I were at CTI Nov 15-22 last year and the weather was absolutely perfect! It rained only one afternoon and was not humid and sticky hardly at all. We are going back this Nov 14-21 to CSA and hope we have the same luck with the weather.

    Good Luck!

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    We have started a Thanksgiving tradition at CN. We were there last year as the first time during November and it was absolutely beautiful. Novemeber is a great time to visit. We will be there Nov 19th through Nov 26th 2010. The hurricaines are gone and the water is calm with beautiful sunshine and great people. We enjoyed last year so much that we made this an annual tradition. That should say enough.
    Tom and Teresa

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    We are heading to CSS for our first ever Jamaica trip Nov 2010. This is a good question, looking forward to the answer. It's my husband's 40th birthday and we are both really excited

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    Lower humidity in Novembe

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    We are going for our 4th trip to CN again in November. The weather is great...usually upper 80's but low 90's a few times. Great breezes always and beautiful beaches as well. It has only rained once when we were there for about 15 minutes or so and that was the day we were leaving and saying our goodbyes do that was ok by us. We have been once in April but seem to like November better. You can still get Lobster too! We will be there the 13th-20th so leave some sunshine for us!! Have a great trip!
    Glenda & Mickey

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    November is still the so called rainy season. While the temps will be lovely you might get some rain. Rarely does a hurricane hit Jamaica in Novemeber.

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    We've been to Couples a couple times during November. The weather is beautiful. Go ahead and book and enjoy! I'm jealous, we won't make it back until next year.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    This will be our third trip to Jamaica in November and the weather is always beautiful. We usually go more towards the end of November first of December but we always had great sunny warm weather. No problems mon!


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    We are heading to CN Nov 13-20 and are SOOOO excited. First time to Jamaica and i can't freakin' wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TorontoTwo View Post
    We are heading to CN Nov 13-20 and are SOOOO excited. First time to Jamaica and i can't freakin' wait!
    Great, we will be there at the same time....we go 11/13-11/19. See you there!

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    When we booked with Virgin, the brochure shows the average rainfall and for November the average decreased by 50%.

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