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    Default Coming to you from CTI

    Well after a nearly disasterous trip yesterday (airline issue) we arrived at CTI about 5:30. We were given a warm welcome home by Byron and Captain Kirk. Check in was a breeze and everyone was so nice. Byron showed us to our room. It is wonderful with a beautiful view of the Island. Everyone is so nice and the food and drinks are fantastic! I will be posting more updates while we are here. Irie!
    Bonnie & Jon

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    Oh I can't wait to hear more. We will be there on October 6th.

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    Can you do me a favor? Will you give Damion a message for me? Ask him to get in touch with me. or

    Hope the rest of your stay is awesome.


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    Soooo excited we will be there Sept. 23 cant wait!!! Keep me updated, Nisey

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    Will you tell Kirk Hello from Donna and Curtis..

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    Having a wonderful time at CTI. Did trading places to San Souci today. We didn't like it. It is very pretty but to get anywhere you have to hike up and down a bunch of stairs. Overall, it seemed that the people at CTI (staff and guests) were happier, more friendly, and more relaxed. We had a great time at Dunn's River Falls yesterday and horseback riding the day before.
    We will do our best to pass on greetings and msgs.
    Crabracer- what area does Damion work in?
    Bonnie & Jon

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    Damion usually works out on the island. Sometimes he works other areas as well. Ask anyone there, they will point him out.

    Thanks for your help


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