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    Default CSA International Buffet

    So I just found out from another post that on Monday's at CSA they have the Repeaters' Dinner at Patois which is where I was hoping to have our wedding dinner. The WC said we can also use the Palms as they have there International Buffet that night. I really do not like the idea of having a buffet for our wedding dinner, but I think this is our only option.

    Can anyone tell me if they have been to this? How is the food? Do you have stand in line for a long time getting your food, etc.?


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    The "buffet" tag for the Palms is a bit of a misnomer. There is a menu at dinner that has a full selection of appetizers, soups, salads, main course selections and deserts available to order. The buffet is available as another option or a supplement to the menu items. Your guests will not have to eat from the buffet if they do not wish to. However, for those that decide to partake of the buffet selections they will not have to wait in long lines. I have never seen more that two or three people at any station on the buffet at one time. Also, it is not a buffet in the sense of a cafeteria or typical wedding set up with a line formed. You are welcome to walk up to any of the food stations on the buffet without waiting in line from some starting point. It really is a no hassle "buffet" that should not cause any problems with your wedding party. Really, I would not think this should be a issue at all. The food is great, the service is wonderful. The Palms has always been our favorite restaurant at CSA and I never eat at "buffet" restaurants at home.

    You and your guests will love CSA. Have a great trip!

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    Default Monday night at CSA

    Hi Nikki,
    Congrat's on your up coming wedding. You and your guests will love CSA.

    As for the International buffet at the Palms it is fabulous. They have food from all over the world set up at different serving stations. It is the only night that the Palms does not offer an a la carte menu. I'm not big buffet person either but this buffet is really nicely set out and there are serving staff at all of the stations so you don't need to worry that the food had been contaminated by other guests. Because there are so many stations set up, if one station is looking "busy" you just go on to another and come back later if you like. The food is really good.

    Make sure you stay for the show after dinner. I think that evening's band plays the best music for dancing. We go to the Repeat Guest dinner but always come back to the Palms asap to get a table for the evening show.

    Really, you can't go wrong at CSA.

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    Here is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given me...

    "You're wedding will be nothing like you think it will be, no matter how much you plan..... Whether it is better than you imagined or worse than you imagined is totally up to you... on that day."

    I see you trying to make it perfect for everyone... It already is, because it is YOU have chosen to get married.

    Off the soapbox...

    Now, for some practical advice... I agree with Dirtleg. I've only been to a precious few weddings where the party didn't have to wait in either a long line or just sitting at their pre-assigned spots waiting for food.. You will be miles ahead of most catered weddings in the states with a single line or just enough servers to keep anyone from bitching.

    Trust me... the focus will be on you, and no one will give you a crap's ass about where the reception was held. As long as its on the resort, you can feel secure that it will be wonderful.

    On this board, a lot of us (me included in the past!) obsess about making this ONE trip the ultimate and the most special thing ever..

    After reading a lot of reviews, I can day that about 3-5% hate everything because... well that's what they are determined to do..

    Everybody else gets caught up in the flow, and learns not only is it "all good"... it's ALL REALLY GOOD!

    It can take a couple of days to get Jamaica.. Everything happens slower there.... A LOT happens off plan. But if you go with it, the rewards are great... very great. Trust. You will be rewarded....

    AND this is coming from a "type A" project manager , who in his daily life plans professionally.

    Have a wonderful wedding. Wish I could be there to see it.

    Jeff (& Marybeth)

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    Default Excellent Dinner

    The International Buffet is not like any buffet you will have at home. The buffet is around the pool deck. The food is excellent. Every time we go to the International Buffet we feel like it is there only for us becasue most people are attending the managers dinner at Feathers. There are many choices from pasta, sushi, steak, and so many others to mention. I say, don't worry about a thing, go with the flow, and enjoy. Only 52 days and we will be home again at CSA!

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    If you time it right you will get great entertainment with your dinner too. The stage for nightly entertainment is in The Palms. Oh! And the fabulous Martini bar is upstairs!

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    We are repeaters & for the last 2 trips home to CSA have passed on the repeaters dinner (and its awesome!) and have gone to the international night 'buffet'. It rocks. You won't be disappointed in any meal or restaurant where you have your wedding din-din. Enjoy. Razzl

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    I know if I were headed to a wedding at CSA and got to come stay at the resort for several days, the wedding dinner could be at the beach grill, and I'd be pretty darn happy.

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    We are repeaters, and missed the International Buffet so much (because of the repeaters dinner being held on Monday), that we now try to schedule it so that we spend two Mondays at CSA. It worked out great in January. We did the repeaters dinner the first Monday, and the International Buffet the second Monday. It is a beautiful set up - there are twinkling lights strung from the trees around the pool at the Palms. The stations are set up both inside and outside. The selection is fantastic - even your pickiest guests will find lots of options.

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    We were there in Feb and chose not to attend the repeaters dinner
    at the Patois Patio and went to the International Buffet instead. I do not recall having the option ot order off a menu, it was buffet or nothing and I was not impressed at the offerings. Lots of starch
    and very little protein.

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    Looks like I may have erred on my assessment of the Palms for your particular circumstance. If your "reception" is on the night of the International buffet then I would guess there will not be the option of a menu order for dinner. My bad. But it is still a great feed.

    I still maintain that this will not be a bummer for your wedding dinner/reception. As others have stated, having a wedding at CSA with your guests at one of the premier resorts in the entire Caribbean will far overshadow any qualms they may have about having a short wait at a buffet for dinner. Not to downplay your wedding, but I would think that being at CSA in itself should be a major factor for your guests and I'm sure they will have the time of their lives. They will long remember your wedding among the many forgettable weddings they have attended in their lives both past and yet to come. I have been to lots of weddings in my life and I have to confess, I remember very little about any of them, even my own for that matter. But we had a small vow renewal on the beach at CSA five years ago and people still ask to see the pictures from that ceremony, and they weren't even there. No one has ever asked to see the pictures from our "wedding", other than my mother in law and one time our kids got curious.

    I really would not worry the small stuff. You will have a beautiful, memorable wedding that you and your guests will recall with great fondness for many, many years to come. Relax, it's all irie!

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