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    Default Canadians at CTI Nov. 15-29/09

    My husband & I will be at CTI November 15th-29th and are looking for any fellow Canadians that may be going at the same time. This is our 3rd visit to Jamaica and our 2nd to Couples resorts. We love the friendly staff and the relaxed atmosphere as well as all of the wonderful people we meet along the way from around the globe. See you all in November!!!!!

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    I have to put up with Canadians!
    Ok, I actually like our neighbors to the North. We will be there the 19th-28th. See you in 120 days.
    Shane and Cathy

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    We too will be there, Nov.12-24 Richie & Sylvia a.k.a. Crabracer
    Check out the Meet up thread for November.
    Let the games begin.


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    Default Jamaican Fun

    Well we so look forward to seeing you guys there...lets meet up and have drinks and good times....let me know where you wanna meet up as we are new to the resort. Have been to CN before and it was amazing...looking forward to see TI....115 (I think) lol and counting!!!!

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    HAHAHA crab...I look forward to it and will definately check out the link!!!!! Happy times await my friend!!!

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    dreber101 You can find us on the island every day between 9-4


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