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    Default Wireless internet at CSS

    Is there wireless in the rooms? At the pools? What is the coverage?
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    Hi Cigar Dude,
    We were at CSS in July and had connections everywhere we went.
    Used Skype instead of phone and worked great. Connecting in room is the best because you are in the A/C and relaxing on the sofa.
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    We are thinking of bringing our netbook because we will be at Miami International airport for hours both ways and thought of bringing it to check email at the airport. We will be at SS and is it true that you can use your netbook in your room with no problem. The rooms have WiFi? We will be staying in oceanview suite. Thanks in advance for your reply.

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    We did not have wifi in our room in E block last July. We did both other times in A & B blocks.
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    We brought our macbook to CSS in Jan/Feb 2011 and stayed in D24. Other than 2 days they had some WIFI trouble we were able to get wifi on our balcony at all times. There is a Transmitter right outside the balloon bar so anything right there is really fast. we found the speed to be adequate on our balcony though for checking email and flights.

    We are really glad we brought ours though to download pictures off the camera. As for safety, we left our Macbook and 2 IPhones sitting on the table the entire time we were there and nobody ever touched them. The cleaning staff were outstanding.

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    Default G Block

    In August we stayed in G Block, right over the Internet Cafe. Signal was fast enough to stream the security camera video from our home. I tried my iPhone on WiFi at other places, like the beach, and was not so lucky.

    I don't believe they have antennas everywhere, so your room may or may not have enough signal.

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