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    My wonderful husband is taking me back to CSA for our 25th wedding anniversary,we normally go in February. Being that it is hurricane season we are wondering if the water is calm this time of year? With all the storms coming out of Africa will the surf be affected even if Jamaica does not get a big storm?
    Thank you for any insight.

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    Whether the water is calm will depend upon whether there is any storm activity. We were in Jamaica during hurricane season last August, and the water was perfectly calm. However, we were at CN in March, and there was one day where there were a lot of waves and the water was very choppy.

    We'll be at CN next month and anticipate another wonderful week at Couples.
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    The weather was fine in September last year. As stated above, it all depends on what is happening locally.

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    Thank you both so much. We have been watching the weather very close,not with worry but excitement on going home to CSA.
    Pamela,I was hoping you would respond,I read mb all the time and you are always right
    Thanks again, 2 mores wake ups,WooHoo!!

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