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    Default location help!

    new to the site and have never stayed at a couples resort before. i was hoping to get some direction on which property to choose. i'm looking for a romantic and relaxed atmosphere.

    thanks for any input!

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    Which resort to select is perhaps the single most frequently asked question on the MB. We've been to all four Couples Resorts and CN in particular 14 times. Neither resort is more romantic, more relaxed, or more [insert adjective here]. While each resort is unique, Couples tries to foster a similar atmosphere at all of its resorts.

    People in various forums have a tendency to advocate for their favorite by asserting that "their" resort is better, and this includes people who haven't been to any of the others. You can have a romantic, relaxing time at any of the four resorts.

    Spend some time on this web site delving through the information provided. Read information on dining and accommodation options; look at photos posted by guests on the photos mega thread on this MB; take the photo tours for each resort and check out the panoramic views and photos contained thereon. It's likely that there will be something about one of the resorts that particularly appeals to you; that is the resort that you should choose. If you're still undecided, at least you'll have acquired sufficient information to allow you to ask pointed questions designed to elicit the details you need to make a choice.
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    All that I can tell you is how I decided (and this goes for all resorts in Jamaica, not just couples)

    1) Do we like the location? - Is it next to a runway (-) or cruise ship port (-), or is it fairly secluded (+)

    2) Is what we want to do included (+) or is it extra (-)?

    3) What additional excursions that we might want to do are nearby?

    4) Is it within our budget? (+)

    5) Do the rooms look like someplace that we would like to stay?

    6) Do the restaurants look like places that we would want to eat?

    7) What do other people say about it (, etc.)?

    Using this process, based on our answers to these questions, we decided on Couples Tower Isle. You may answer these questions differently, and end up at a different property, uniquely suited to your tastes.

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    Default location help

    My husband & I was at CTI in June & fell in love with this resort. The resort was everything it was advertised to be & looks just as it does in all the pictures. I was surprised by this as that is typically not the case. The beach is a little on the small side & not a lot of room to do the long beach walks at sunset, however don't get me wrong there is still plenty of room to enjoy the beach!! Keep in mind we have not been to any of the other locations but after visiting CTI it would be hard to pick somewhere else as we loved this place so much!!! As long as you visit a Couples Resort you can't go wrong!!

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    It all depends on what you're looking for in a resort. If you're looking for long white sandy beaches with breathtaking sunsets...then CSA or CN should do the trick. If you're looking for a more secluded resort with lots of vegetation, stairs to climb and places to explore that offers picturesque sunsets...then CSS would be a good choice. And if you're looking for a smaller, more condensed resort with a private beach then CTI would seem like a good choice. Of course the Au Natural expierence may be to your liking, in which CTI has Tower Isle, while CSS has Sunset Beach and CN has an area sectioned off where you can work on that all-over tan. Of the Couples Resorts we feel that CSS and CSA are the most romantic...but then that's just our opinion. As Pamela says you'll need to do your homework and find the one that's just right for you. Hope this has given you some insight into the 4 beautiful resorts that Couples has to offer.

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    I believe another question to ask yourself is are you beach or pool people? If you're beach people then stick with Negril - either CN or CSA. My husband & I really like CSA, but we are relaxed, laidback, beach people who wouldn't think of hanging out by a pool if there is a really good beach with calm clear blue waters and soft sand swimming areas. I agree with jamieblambert76 you really can not go wrong with anyone of the Couple's resorts.

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    I think all four resorts have a romantic and relaxed atmosphere. Since all four have that great "Couples" feel, people tend to fall in love with the first place they go to. That was CN for us. Look at them all. Pick one and you can't go wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by indyjulie View Post
    I believe another question to ask yourself is are you beach or pool people? If you're beach people then stick with Negril - either CN or CSA. My husband & I really like CSA, but we are relaxed, laidback, beach people who wouldn't think of hanging out by a pool if there is a really good beach with calm clear blue waters and soft sand swimming areas.
    If this were true, then everyone at CSS and CTI would be at the pool, leaving their beaches entirely empty.

    I think it's inappropriate to make generalizations about the resorts unless you've stayed at them frequently enough to give you broad-based experience to enable you to do so. We've only stayed at CTI twice, most recently in January of 2010, and CSS once in August 2009. While I can't say what is typical of either resort, I can say that, in our experience, most guests spent more time on the beaches. At both resorts, we noticed that a given pool/pool area was sometimes empty but never found the same to be true of the beach.

    We also prefer the beaches in Negril, but there are a number of members of the MB who prefer CSS and CTI specifically for their small, private beaches. Different people have different tastes, and the fact that the beaches at CSS and CTI aren't all that appealing to you doesn't mean that they aren't to others.
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    We had the same decision to make. Which resort??? For us, after weeks of wobbling, we finally decided on CSA because of the beach, the layout of the resort and the fact that there is no "natural" sunbathing there. It was the first one we chose and it's what we ultimately decided on. This message board really helped solidify our choice, so take your time reading, ask questions and use the Search engine above to bring you directly to threads that will answer your questions. Have a blast!

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    We have been to 3 of the 4. They are all romantic and relaxed so that doesn't really give us much to go on.
    If you want a private beach, no vendors or people from other resorts walking by then you want CTI or CSS.
    If however, you picture yourselves taking long walks on the beach, then you want CN or CSA.
    If you want the option of au natural sunbathing, then you do not want CSA as there is no option there.
    Are there particular off site excursions you were looking forward to doing? For instance if you really want to go to Dunns River then you want CTI or CSS. If you can't wait to try Ricks then you want CN or CSA.
    Are you really athletic and exercise everyday? CSA is known for its fitness center.
    If you really can't decide, then try Secret Rendezvous and let Couples decide for you!!!!

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    Listen to the above post. I don't think you can pick a bad Couples Resort.

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    OMG the which resort question again! I agree with what everyone has already posted here. All of the resorts are romantic, have great food, amazing service and are beautifully kept.
    Let me warn you now, whichever resort you pick for your first trip to Couples will always hold a special place in your heart.
    Now, for the bad news....
    Once you have been to more than one Couples it gets harder to decide where to go and your vacations get longer. We started at another resort chain and stayed 7 nights. The next year we got a super deal on CSA and stayed 14 nights. Last year we decided to try CTI for 14 nights and really didn't care for it. All of the above items were fine, just not our style, too hotelish. We went over to CSS for trading places day and fell in love with it. In true Couples form, they moved us the next morning and we spent the last 6 nights of our vacation at CSS.
    Now my husband is spoiled! He has discovered the "split vacation!" In other words, if you go to 2 resorts then you have more restaurants to attack (yes, attack!) This years trip will be 7 days at CSA and then 7 days at CSS. It does not get any better than that!

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