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    Default Question about CSA new mini bars

    I've recently read that the mini bars are now in and stocked in the Atrium suites. Apparently you get beer, water and soft drinks in the fridge and then order liquor. Is that correct? Do you call someone to place your order? If you'd like bourbon, let's say, do they bring you a full new bottle or what? Can you get a bottle of wine? We will be there in early October for our fifth time and love the Atriums. Can't wait for this new feature. Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer my questions and shed some light on this.

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    We are going to be there in early Oct in an Atrium too. This is also one thing I am really excited about. We loved the fridge in the BFS for the water, pop and juice. We did not have an order sheet like people talk about and we were not allowed to make any substitutions though. I hope we can this time. I just want a few extra cranberry juices. When will you be there? We are just taking a short trip this time since we were at CSA in April too. We will be there from 10/6-10/12.

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    We returned from CSA earlier this week. Our minibar was prestocked with beer, water, diet/regular soda, a large bottle of Appleton, and a bottle of wine (cab) when we arrived. There was a sheet that you could request other items, such as Ting, ginger ale, juices, and various types of booze (we didn't order any, but assume a full size bottle). The bar was restocked daily(or most days anyway, no problem mon).

    We loved the minibar more than we expected...the bottle of water or can of beer, even tho it is Carib, was nice to have at your finger tips!

    Enjoy your trips.

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    I know at CN you do get an order sheet and just put on there what you want. They bring you the regular size (Fifth) of liquor. We were able to ask for a few more orange and pineapple juices and get them with no problems. Assume it will be the same there. Enjoy!

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    Default yes!

    there is an "order sheet" you will have in your room upon check-in. you fill it out requesting the wine, liquor, tonic/club soda and juices you wish to have stocked in your room during your stay. you only have to fill it out once. i was SO happy to see these changes were all made before my husband and i arrived last week

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