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    Default Snorkeling at CTI

    I know that CTI offers snorkeling trips to the reef twice a day. But can anyone tell me if there is any decent snorkeling from the beach?

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    In order to get to some good areas you have to get out pretty far from the beach... there is a lot of sea grass... once you get out though it isnt to bad... you can find some shells and fish... if you happen to go the "Island" you can snorkel around the whole island... you get to see the reef and on the other side of the island the water gets very deep and you can see some nicer fish.

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    Go around the bay by Bayside or go over by the Island. Make sure to take you own gear though.

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    Default Snorkeling CTI ...

    My husband and I were at CTI in June & we did the snorkeling trip in the afternoon & had a FANTASTIC time!! We also brought our own snorkel gear, which I am so glad we did!! We did a little snoreling from the beach & found some neat shells, also I found it to be VERY interesting to see what everyone was swiming in & around. We also took the boat to the island & did some snoreling CLOSE to the island. You have to be Very Careful out there & watch out for the boats (wear a bright swimsuit-it made me feel a little more safe & stick close to the reef...) Out by the island we saw some beautiful fish & lots of them!! it is just amazing the creatures in the ocean. Also bring underwater camera - we took some awesome pics.
    Have a great time & enjoy yourself

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    There are some areas where you can snorkel on your own. But they won't let you use their equipment, so bring your own. The trip to the reef is great and we even went to a shipwreck. They go twice a day, so that was enough for us, and you don't spend too much time on the boat, perhaps 5-10 minutes to get to the spot.

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