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    Default SCUBA Diving at CN

    I am a certified diver with about 40 logged dives...I am planning on visiting CN with my girlfriend this December...she is not a certified diver but has always been interested...I see that the package comes with a resort course and one dive...does this give her any PADI certification or just allow her to dive while she is at the resort?

    The dive that is included, is that a one tank dive, or one morning/one afternoon? Is equipment included?

    Any information about the resort course for a non-certified diver or the diving in general would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    The Resort dive is a half day affair. Training then a 30 minute dive out on the boat. All dive equipment is supplied. I do believe that if you decide to get certified there they will credit the dive to the training but the Resort dive alone does not give her any certification.

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    dandj is right. The resort course gets you some training time in the morning and then when training is over they take you on dive. You would be back on the resort around noon. If she wants to get certified there is a cost but she'll be done the next day or so. It will be cheaper to be certified there than around here. No equipment cost, no cost to rent equipment, not cost to go to dive sites for the required dives. Plus diving in warm water is much better than diving in some cold quarry with low visibility.
    Also I think non-certified divers can do the resort course each day for about $50.00 after the first one.
    Hope this helps.

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