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    Default Restuarant and Activities Reservations

    We will be visiting CN for the first time in April 2011. I am a little confused about the restaurants and activities. When do you make reservations for them? Do you have to decide upon arrival which ones to reserve? I have really enjoyed reading some of the comments concerning CN and my wife and I can't wait to get there.

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    Only Otaheite requires restaurants. If you want to eat there, you can make reservations after arrival. No reservations are required for the Cassava Terrace, Heliconia, or Lychee. Cassava Terrace is the main dining room and the only location that serves breakfast. Dinner menus for all four restaurants will be posted outside of this restaurant in the morning, so you can look at the menus then and decide where you'd like to eat that evening.
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    The Otaheite reservations may be made at the Guest Relations desk in the lobby.
    A recent change allows reservations to be made only 2 days in advance (or 3 if including the current day - e.g. on Tuesday you may reserve for Tue., Wed., or Thur. night, but not Fri.)

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    Default activities

    What about reservations for various activities? Do we need to do anything before our arrival?

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