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    Default Snorkling Question

    We're heading down to CSA in the first week of October for our honeymoon and plan to go snorkling at least a few times when there. What gear should we bring ourselves?

    Does the resort provide all the necessary items, are they clean and in good condition, would it hurt our experience if we used/rented equipment down there?

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    The equipment they give you is just fine,but if you already have your own bring it

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    I snorkel frequently, and have always used the resort equipment. Only one time have I gotten a "bad" mask, and I asked for a different one which worked MUCH better. I don't want/can't take up the space in my bags with snorkeling stuff.

    If you DO want to bring your own stuff, definitely don't bother with fins. Just bring your mask/snorkel.
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    The equipment that they provide you with is fine, although we bring our own equipment since we have it. I personally like having my own snorkel, although on our last trip I had to borrow a mask because mine broke.

    If you have all of your own equipment, and the snorkel boat is "full" they will sometimes let you on.

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    Default Snorkeling equipment?

    I agree with Vee! We brought our own snorkeling gear & diving gear; however, it appeared that CN's equipment was as good as our own and trustworthy. Next time, we'll just bring our own mask/snorkel and leave the fins behind....

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    We bring our own equipment. We like to go off the beach early in the morning. Not a lot to see, but it's fun to swim around the beach area. We did see some big star fish out at the rope.

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    If you want to go out on your own and snorkel you will need your own gear. Water sports will not hand out snorkel gear for you to use unless you are on the boat. You can purchase a complete kit at most sporting good stores and you can get a decent set for around 50 bucks.... we take our own to snorkel around the island at CTI...

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    bobandjudy are right, if you have your own gear you can usually just jump on the boat w/o having to worry about the trip being full. that made it worth the space the gear took in my bag.

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    We used the resort the equipment, but we're not avid snorkelers. When exactly are you going? We will be there Sept 29-Oct 6th. You are going to love CSA. It will be our second time.

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    I used there equipment when I was at CN. Next year I am bringing my own goggles and snorkel though. Everything was fine but I just wanted a more comfortable set of goggles if I can find some. I plan on doing some diving as well again.

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    Thanks everyone for the tips. We'll probably look for some reasonably priced ask/snorkel combos. If not, we're not too worried.

    Quote Originally Posted by Margi View Post
    We used the resort the equipment, but we're not avid snorkelers. When exactly are you going? We will be there Sept 29-Oct 6th. You are going to love CSA. It will be our second time.
    Margi - we'll be there from October 4-11... we're looking forward to it.

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    My husban and I bring our own snorkel equipment not only for the snorkel trips but for the cat cruise. They stop at a place where you can swim into a cave. The cave isnt that big but its nice to have the goggles for the swim to the cave.
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    WinnipegSean--we will be there until the 6th. Maybe we'll see you there. We'll make sure not to drink and eat everything before you get there. You are gonna love CSA. Our vacation paradise is right around the corner. Yay!

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