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    Default Marriage license received!!

    Just in case anyone is wondering how long it takes...we were married at CN 6-23-10. We received our marriage license via UPS 8-11-2010! I've heard that it takes up to 3-4 months to receive, so I was very pleasantly surprised that we received it in less than 2 months!

    Happy weddings everyone!

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    Just a question here...I heard that some states let you use the certifcate that you receive when married at couples to change name ect..that's before receiving marriage license. Is this true? was anybody able to do this?

    Getting married 11/16/2010 @ CTI

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    Lucky! Its been over 4 months, still havent gotten mine and just found out today after emailing and calling couples that it was "lost" and was never processed with the Jamaican Government! So maybe by the time my one year anniversary comes around i'll have it!

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    It does depend on the state. But to officially change your name you have to begin at the Social Security office. They require that you have the official marriage license and not the certificate received at the time of the wedding.
    I live in OK and I spoke with the tag agency about changing my name on my driver's license. They told me that they WOULD accept the temporary certificate to change my name on my driver's license. But then I realized that my married name would be on my DL and my previous name still on my credit cards, etc. So I decided to wait until I received the official marriage license.

    So until I receive my new Social Security card with my new name on it (I applied for the change yesterday, takes 7-14 days) I will continue in the "limbo" period of not knowing what my last name really is!

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    Like Rdavis,...we were married CTI May 3rd and still have not gotten ours back yet. I wrote to the resort and they told me some story (which I don't believe) that it was lost in mail from the Jamaican Govt. that they sent to the wrong resort, and when they get it back we will receive it. I won't hold my breath..but I think that a resort that prides themselves on coming to Jamaica and getting married there that they would make sure that something as important as this would be in better hands.

    As far as my ID and changes, I am in Fl. last week I decided to try to go to the SS office, and I was very surprised that they accepted the temp one. I also was able to change my dl license, and my name at has helped me feel a little better about the delay.

    I just hope it comes before our anniversary.

    Mary & Julio

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    Default Must be nice

    Married April 19th at CTI and still no license. I haven't even been able to get the "it was lost in the mail" excuse. THey keep saying we will look into it. My wife still hasn't been able to change her name with the temp document. She doesn't think that committing a felony to change her name is worth it.

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    I'm getting married in March at CSA, and as soon as I get home, I plan to apply for my certificate directly on the Jamaican govt website.

    It's different for me here in Canada, I already checked and the DMV said they would accept my resort certificate as long as I had some other supporting docs like my birth certificate, etc. Once I change my driver's license, most other things are simple. Here in Canada, it's legal to assume your husband's last name after you marry just by adopting the usage of it.

    Maybe the delay happens in the transit back and forth between Couples in Florida and the resort in Jamaica and then back to the country where the bride and groom are from. I think it took nearly 3 weeks for my photographer to receive mail I sent her. Regardless, it takes way too long!

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    We were married on April 15th at CSS and received our license the week of July 19th. This was great seeing that we were having our Jamaican Me Crazy wedding here on July 24th. We had undeniable proof that were, as our minister put it in July, still married.

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    I was able to get my new SS card with the temporary license. I was surprised when the License bureau didn't also accept it, but I just had to go to the county courthouse and have it recorded and stamped, and then was able to get my drivers' license changed as well.

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    !!!!!!!!!!! WE GOT IT ..YAY!!!!!!!!

    Our Marriage Certificate arrived on Wednesday...THANK YOU JAMAICA!

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    5 months and 2 days later, it's here! Woooo!

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