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    Default can I print photos from the CD?

    Sorry, it looks like a silly question: If i use the resort photographer, can i print out some photos from the CD included in the package? How is the quality of printed photos? Anyone would like to share? Thank you

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    Print quality is determined by the basic quality of the photo, and the DPI rating of the image for processing.

    The photographer at CTI was carrying gear that is more than enough for a good 20"x30" poster size print with no discernible quality loss, assuming the printer/print job is set up properly.

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    We were married Dec 09 at CSS and used the resort photographer. Our pictures were beautiful and we took the CD to walmart and printed many 5x7's and 8x10's and they turned out great! very clear and colorful!

    Just remember to take your copyright paper with you or they will not let you make copies!!!

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