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    Default Thank You to Everyone on This Message Board!!

    I leave for Couples Negril this Friday and I have no way to contain my excitement. Finally, the time has come. I booked my Couples Negril trip at the end of January, and boy oh boy it as been a long wait!

    I just want to Thank EVERYONE on this board for the love,the encouragement, the do's and dont's, the reviews, the tips, the photos, and even the slightly nasty people I encountered!

    You all made the wait for me worthwhile and exciting.

    Kudos for Couples Resorts for making this message board possible. This message board itself encouraged me to try your resort. I know I wont be disappointed!
    Warm Regards,

    Stacey Lyons

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    You are so welcome Stacey!

    You are so right about the Couples resort message board. What a wonderful idea that I've never seen repeated by another resort. Just one more of the many, many things that makes Couples stand out from all the rest. I now you'll have the time of your life and you'll become one of the many, many Couples loyalist that call Couples their second home.

    The message board is wonderful source of information to get all those questions answered when you are new and needing information. We've also met lifelong friends..through this message board. Tommy & Kathy(Chobeecpl) for instance. We first met them here last year and we've become great friends. We met Paul & Trina(PB203) at CN last year. Paul had read the message board, but had been hesitant to post. He recognized us at the pool bar from pics we had posted on the message board. They joined us on the cat aka "pirate" cruise and we all had a blast. When he got back home he joined the message board and we still chat with him.

    We look forward to meeting you this weekend. Randy & I should get there around 5 or 6 pm. Save me a seat at the pool bar and I'll buy the first round.

    3 more days!!!! WHOO!!!! HOO!!!!
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