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    Default couples swept away atrium room questions

    I noticed int eh pictures that the atrium room are shuttered but wonderin for those who have stqyed in them do the also have bug screens on them???? do you get many bugs in the room if they dont have swcreens.

    also is there a disco on the property and are drinks incl?

    Do they have red flag service on the beach as the other resorts?


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    Yes, there are screens on most of the windows. The windows towards the atrium of the room are glass.

    And yes, there is a nightclub with drinks (Aurora Lounge, which is a very nice air conditioned bar). This also has piano player, who is great (don't miss Ultimate Chocolate). We spent many evenings there after dinner and had a great time.

    And yes, they have red flag service, except that the flags are green!

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    yes to the screens, And once you close the slats the room becomes chilly.
    yes to the disco and free drinks when they say all inclusive they mean all inclusive.
    And and big yes to the flag service on the beach. By day two they knew what we were drinking.

    Csa is wonderful and your sure to have a great time.

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