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    Default Halloween at CSS

    Does CSS do anything special for Halloween? Should we pack costumes?

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    will be there halloween also,would als like info

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    We were there last year on Halloween and there is a party at the resort. There was a pumpkin carving contest during the day, and at night the employees did a Halloween show (where they performed Michael Jackson's Thriller dance, among other things!) Some people did wear costumes, but most people wore their normal clothes. As with everything at CSS, it was a LOT of fun!!

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    Default halloween is great

    Last year 4 of us we never miss the halloween party...3 0f us were Kiss

    Great party and every halloween is a treat!


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    Good to know! Kevin and I will also be there for Halloween, we shall bring our masks!! Looking forward to the show

    And see everyone there! only 59 days will we leave! doing the happy dance :-)

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    That's interesting. We were there 2 years ago, and brought costumes. When we asked about Halloween festivities, we were told there were none. We were totally disappointed. Especially after we had gone through the trouble of packing costumes.
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    I'd like to know which night they do the Halloween festivities! Anyone know??? No sense bringing a costume if it's the wrong night. Count down is on!

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    They did they show and party on the actualy date of Halloween - Oct 31

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