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    Default favorite frozen drinks

    What are ya'lls favorite drinks at couples? Last time I was in Jamaica, I couldn't get enough of the dirty bananas. Any other suggestions that I just HAVE to try. Returning October 13th and getting married on the 15th. We are going to CN. It will be my first time at Couples. Sooo excited! :-)

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    Jamaican Browning -- Tastes like a chocolate shake !!
    Proud palapa hoarder since 2007 !!!

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    not a fan of bananas in an adult beverage ... our favorite is the Jamaican Delight.

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    Miami Vice! Frozen Strawberry and Pina Colada mix with Rum. Delicious! Congrats on your upcoming wedding!!

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    Hummingbird!!!!!!!! Awesome

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    Try the humming bird. It is great also.

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    Try a Purple Rain. It is like an adult "slush". Very tasty!

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    Hummingbird, Dirty Banana, Jamaican Browning

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    Jamaican Browning, number one choice for friends of Alice B. Toklas.
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    I would have to agree with Purple Rain....yummmy!

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    I always try the "special" of the day. They are always good and I also love Miami Vice(the red white and blue drink)

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    While I enjoy ALL of the drinks mentioned above...they tend to get a bit heavy if you know what I mean!!! I really enjoy drinking Vodka slushies when we are at CN (just tastes like a frozen lemonade...YUMMY!!!).

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    I get all my drinks without the simple syrup to save on calories and cut the sweetness. But I LOVE the jamaica browning, dirty banana, girl scout cookie, hummingbird, and three the hard way (made up by Romaine, who unfortunatly is over at pushcart now) it is 3 different kinds of cream rum on the rocks!
    Erika & Sean

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    Vodka Slushies all day long!!! Yum!

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    SNAKE HIDE!!!! (Rum cream, 1 whole banana, dark rum, banana liquor, jamaican sugar) ADDICTIVE!!!!!

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    Miami Vice! I'm going back this year pregnant, anyone know if they can do a virgin Miami Vice?!!

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    Bubblesk633...I'm sure they can serve you a virgin anything. All you have to do is ask. I'd ask your doctor, but I'm sure that if you're not in your first three months of your pregnancy one weak alcoholic beverage a day wouldn't hurt the baby at all.

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    Bubblesk633 -- I can tell you in about two weeks. We're 5 days from departure when I find out I'm pregnant! Excited, but disappointed a little too... the baby was supposed to come after the trip and all the drinks! lol!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubblesk633 View Post
    Miami Vice! I'm going back this year pregnant, anyone know if they can do a virgin Miami Vice?!!
    I'm pretty sure the mixers are NA to start with, so you'll be good telling them to hold the Rum.

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    The blue mountain frozen coffee is really good....
    Mark & Debbie
    Charleston, SC

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    keep this going!! i want to hear about some more drinks before we go. Im making a big list of things to try!!

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    Jamaica Smile, which I think is the Miami Vice, with the only difference being they top it off with a blast of Rum Cream. Yum City.

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    Great post...MikeZ is so right...keep the suggestions coming
    Listed so far:
    Dirty Banana
    Jamaican Browning
    Jamaican Delight
    Miami Vice
    Purple Rain
    Vodka Slushies
    Snake Hide
    Blue Mountain Frozen Coffee

    There has to be more.....

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    Bob Marley & Monkey Brain shot are a must try, but the dirty banana, hummingbird, miami vice, Purple Rain, Jamaica Brownie, Pina colado & Daquiris are all fantastic, specials of the day...when I was just there I basically said surprise me!!!

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    my favorite frozen is a Miami Vice - I love the way Elkie makes them

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