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    Default Makeup: DIY or have it done?

    I'm getting married in October at CSA and I can't decide whether I should do my own makeup or have it done at the resort. I usually keep my makeup pretty basic and simple but want something a little more special for my wedding day. If I did it myself it would probably end up looking like it does any other day so I would like to get it done by a professional. However, I have had my makeup done for other special occasions and ended up paying a lot of money for something very similar to what I could have done myself. So I'm just wondering what kind of experiences others have had with the makeup artists at CSA and if I should go with them or attempt to do my own. Thanks for your help! Oh and if anyone has pictures that would be great!

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    I say have it done. The ladies at CTI did my hair and makeup, it turned out beautifully and was well worth it! If I'd done it myself I'm sure it would have all just melted anyhow with the warm summer weather and our pictures wouldn't have come out nearly as good.
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    Yeah that's what I was thinking too as far as my own make-up melting off my face but I just wanted to see how it worked out for others. Thanks for your help. Beautiful picture by the way!

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    What is different about the makeup they use at the resort from our makeup?

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    If any of you are afraid of melted makeup, try model in a bottle or other makeup setting spray. I used one from Sephora and worked really well. My makeup lasted all day even after being in the jacuzzi. I did my own hair and makeup (nothing fancy, just a bit more than my everyday makeup) but would suggest future brides to use the salon just to keep your wedding day stress free.

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    Default pics

    Who did you book to take your pictures?

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    We just married at the end of August. I was going to have the resort do my my makeup but opted just to have my hair done after I saw the makeup the day before. It just didn't impress me. My hair turned out fabulous, had an up-do. I bought a trial size Bare Minerals kit from Ulta just for the trip and it was amazing. We took photos out in the sun with Misha Earle for over 3 hours (and boy, did we sweat!) but the makeup didn't budge or melt. Definitely recommend it. I also used PhotoFinish Light underneath. Don't have pics back yet, otherwise I'd share!

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    Default Makeup Tips

    I just tried a primer by smashbox and I think it's the best thing ever! My makeup has not moved all day, and usually by this time it looks as I don't have any on.

    I have used a setting spray in the past by MAC and loved it. This time I wanted to try Model in a Bottle because so many people have raved about it. I decided to purchase the trial size because you get 33 pumps out of it and it was a heck of a lot cheaper.

    Lorac has a great stay on lip stain but they are mostly dark colors.

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