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    Default Let's help each other w/ wedding photos! If you're married at CSA on Oct 22-27th!

    We will be getting married at CSA on Oct 22-27, and plan to hire the resort photographer. But would also like to have another guest take photos w/ our camera as well and do a 2nd cameraman duty swap/share if anyone else is getting married there at the same time. Interested?

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    We are getting married at 10am on October 22nd at CSA and will be there until about 12 or 1 on October 26th. I am definitely interested in helping each other out with pictures!! Let me know for sure what day you are getting married (since we are leaving before your timeframe is up).

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    Ah! too bad...we won't be arriving until mid-day ON the 22nd. Thank you very much anyways.

    Good job on the 10am time. I've read here on the forum that the color quality of the water/sand is MUCH better for photos during the AM hours.

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    I suggest you go on the "meet ups thread". We had someone staying there follow the resort photographer and take the same shots. I put an album together and people cant believe the photos were taken from our own camera.( We do although have a very expensive camera). No worries you will find someone to do this! We met a great couple on the bus ride to the resort and hit it off with them. Talked to them at the beach, swim-up bar ect... After a few days we asked them and they were thrilled to do it. They had a blast along with us. They spent several hours with us so we got their address and sent them a thank you gift card after getting home. Really we had several offers from people. Anyone will take photos for you. Getting someone to follow you around for several hours may take getting to know them a bit more first. Good luck! We loved our CSA wedding and wouldn't do anything different except stay a few more days

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