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    Hey so I am wondering about sunscreen for my wedding. I will need sunscreen because I burn quickly and easily but I am nervous about getting sunscreen on my dress and ruining it. Any thoughts on sunscreen that will not ruin my dress but still protect me from the sun??? How have you other brides done it? We are planning a 4pm beach wedding at CSA.

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    I would suggest that you put the sunscreen on at least 1 hour before your wedding, then it will have time to absorb into your skin and won't be so easily tranferred to your dress. I use BullFrog and I think it has a 46 and 60 SPF. I have a boat and being on it all day I never get burned using this product. Don't forget to put it on top of your ears, especially if you wear your hair up. I also put extra on the tops of my shoulders, since that is the part of my body most exposed to the sun.

    I can't tell you if they are stain resistant.
    Hope that helps.

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    thanks good idea on an hour before hand

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    Use an oil-free screen (e.g. Piz Buin Oil Free) and apply an hour beforehand you should be fine.

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